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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 16:43:20 -0600 RAC Bulletin 03-003E Industry Canada Announces Formation of National Antenna Tower Policy Review Committee On Friday, March 28 2003, Allan Rock, Minister of Industry, announced the appointment of the National Antenna Tower Review Committee. The Committee, consisting of municipal officials, as well as industry, health and academic experts, will be chaired by David A. Townsend, Professor of Law at the University of New Brunswick. Professor Townsend, you may recall, authored a previous study on towers. The announcement outlines the composition of the committee but does not give the detailed process or target dates for the submission of inputs to the committee. Presumably they have been left to Professor Townsend and his colleagues to establish. Professor Townsend and the Committee will consult with citizens, communities and companies on improvements in the policy and siting procedures for antenna tower placement. This review will examine issues, including: a) How can the local consultation process regarding the siting of a specific tower be improved? b) What are the most appropriate time frames for the processes of approving and resolving debates surrounding specific tower placements? c) What means are available to readily identify whether proposed installations may create radiofrequency fields in excess of established exposure limits in areas where people live and work? d) What information would most benefit concerned members of the public and how should it be provided? e) How and to what extent can tower sharing be utilized in order to reduce the total number of towers? f) Can protocols be arranged between local land-use authorities and antenna proponents regarding the planning and siting of antenna structures, visual guidelines and dispute resolution mechanisms? RAC will participate in the policy review. Comments, suggestions and recommendations pertaining to the technical and operational reasons for amateur towers should be sent to Jim Dean, VE3IQ, RAC Vice-president Regulatory Affairs, at ve3iq@rac.ca. The complete announcement and background information is available at: http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/sc_mrksv/spectrum/engdoc/spect1.html Please note that for technical reasons, the way the Bulletin robots work has changed slightly. You can no longer retrieve archived messages via email. You can still view archived messages on the web. This is explained in detail at: http://rac.eton.ca/racbullemail.htm (English) http://rac.eton.ca/bulletinsrac.htm (French) Your subscription has NOT been altered in any way, and you do NOT have to take any action as a result of this change.