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2004 RAC Bulletins

32Third party communications regarding tsunami disaster areas
31RAC HQ closed for holidays
30Holiday Greetings
29Section Manager Re-elected
28 RAC Board of Directors for 2005-2006
27New Treasurer at RAC
26 RAC Board of Directors Appoints New President and First Vice-President
25Resignations of RAC President and First Vice-president
24Temporary lockup of our service
22Industry Canada Gazette Notice DGRB-003-04 on Morse Code.
21False E-Mail Alert Contains Virus
20RAC Submits Proposal on Morse Code and Related Matters to Industry Canada
18Spam Blocking on RAC e-mail Forwarding Service
17VO1MRC Experiments on 60 metres
16Bulletin Service Loses Database
15Important info for RAC E-Mail Forwarding Service users (callsign@rac.ca)
14Notice to Accredited Examiners
13Friendship Games in Russia and ARDF in China
11New Director for the Quebec Region
10New RAC Treasurer
9New Manitoba Section Manager for RAC
8RAC Board of Directors has approved a new director for the Atlantic Region
7New interim director for Quebec
6 New managers for two RAC contests
5Correction to Notice to RAC Members in Mar/Apr 2004 TCA
4Lieutenant Alexander Roberts Dunn
3Special Event Callsign
2Spoofed e-mails attributed to RAC are being circulated on the Internet