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As a promotion of cultural exchange, Victoria's sister cities Khabarovsk and Suzhou have separately extended an invitation to Victoria hams (or any Canadian ham) to attend events this coming summer/fall. Khabarovsk, in the Russian Far East, will host the 8th Friendship radio games August 14 to 18. These games include a HF operating contest, Morse sending and receiving, and a 2m direction finding contest. There will be time to tour sites in Khabarovsk and visit with host amateur stations. Suzhou, about an hour by train inland from Shanghai in eastern China, will host a Chinese national Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) contest in October 2004--exact date is not yet firm. There will be an 80meter and 2metre hunt on separate days. Non-Chinese nationals are also invited, and the Suzhou Radio Sports Association have extended a specific invitation to their sister city Victoria hams. Participants would be responsible for their own travel arrangements, possibly a participation fee of about $150, and incidental purchases, but accommodation, local transportation to events and food would be provided. As organizing these events with international participation takes quite a bit of time, the respective organizing committees in Khabarovsk and Suzhou need advance notice of possible attendance as soon as possible. A firm commitment would be needed by about June. The Friendship Amateur Radio Society Canada in Victoria has been the point of contact for these overtures. If anyone is interested in either of these events, please contact VE7BFK@rac.ca ASAP. (Thanks to Joe, VE7BFK, RAC ARDF Coordinator)