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Spam Blocking is now in place on callsign@rac.ca e-mail addresses. Effective June 15, spam scanning software is now active on the RAC e-mail forwarding service. All of the latest plug-ins have been included to make Spam Assassin as effective as possible. The reject level can be raised or lowered server wide to reduce false positives or increase effectiveness. See http://au.spamassassin.org for details. On the RAC server the spam blocking installation is different from standard setups. When a message arrives, it is scanned immediately and the sending server is either notified that it is OK or rejected before the connection between the two servers is closed. If RAC rejected the message, the sending server will usually notify the sender of the message that it has been rejected. This way the sender knows it has been blocked. In the unlikely event a blocked e-mail is valid; the sender may choose to use an alternate routing, such as phoning or mail. Please report any problems to aliashelp@rac.ca