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RAC Bulletin 04-02 - Spoofed e-mails attributed to RAC are being circulated on the Internet March 5, 2004 Spoofed e-mails have been circulating for several days apparently made to look that they are coming from Radio Amateurs of Canada. The contents makes you think that something is wrong with your alias (rac.ca) or with your membership even if you do not utilize the service or you are not a member of RAC. The senders of the e-mail encourage you to open the file or an attachment to the e-mail. Be aware that the e-mails of this type contain for the most part variations of worm viruses, MyDoom, Bagle and Netsky. If you open these messages and your computer is not protected by an updated antivirus program, you risk infecting your computer that in turn will create infected e-mails and send them to all the addresses that are found in your address book. RAC is not the only one to be affected. The whole world is targeted. According to the computer press, the authors of these electronic worm viruses have declared war on each other to find out who can create the most virulent virus and this leaves the editors of antivirus programs almost helpless. Debbie Norman VA3RGM General Manager Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.