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This is the time of year when we reflect back on what we've accomplished for ourselves, for family and friends and perhaps also on our contributions to the wonderful service of amateur radio. So many Amateur Operators from the RAC membership give freely of their time to make Radio Amateurs of Canada a great public volunteer service. These are the unsung heroes who deserve recognition, particularly at this important time of year. As RAC moves forward into 2005 I encourage all Amateurs to continue working towards making our organization stronger. A healthy membership foundation will ensure our continuing relationship with Industry Canada and other national organizations, with member societies in the International Amateur Radio Union and, finally, our ability to fulfill our commitment of emergency communications. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Executive and Volunteers at Radio Amateurs of Canada, I extend to all Canadian Amateurs and your families a joyous and peaceful holiday season and a prosperous 2005. 73. Earle Smith President Radio Amateurs of Canada