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The Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland (MRCN) station VO1MRC will be conducting a propagation experiment from 0000-2359 UTC on the 15th and 16th of June. During this period, a CW beacon will be in operation on 5269 kHz. The station will be open briefly for 2 way contacts starting 0001 UTC each of these days and will operate simplex on 5260.5 kHz CW. Following this it will transmit on 5327.5 USB and receive 5346.5 USB for stations authorised to transmit on 60 metres and 3807.5 kHz LSB for other stations. Please note that only stations so authorised by their respective administrations may transmit on 60 metres. The experiment was proposed by MRCN, endorsed by Radio Amateurs of Canada and authorised by Industry Canada. Further information may be found by searching for VO1MRC on the internet.