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A demonstration of co-operation in emergency communications preparedness between Canadian Radio Amateurs and those in the United States is being planned for September 29 and 30, 2007, with the installation of a special event station at historic Signal Hill, St. John's, Newfoundland. The objectives are three-fold: a) to highlight the capabilities of Amateur Radio in providing emergency communications in times of crisis; b) to illustrate the cooperation between Canada and the United States on emergency preparedness, within the context of the Security and Prosperity Partnership signed by the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada in 2005; and c) to create a database of communications 'first responders' that the Government of Canada could contact for emergency communications assistance in times of crisis. The site is the Marconi memorial station on Signal Hill where reception of the first trans-Atlantic wireless transmission occurred in 1901. Operations will feature virtually all transmission modes over a two-day period and government officials from both countries will be invited to attend. Special event call sign VO1ARES has been approved by Industry Canada for use during the event. This is the first time an official activity of its type has been conducted and Radio Amateurs from all across Canada and the U.S. are being invited to participate. In particular, ARES units in both countries are encouraged to take part and to "talk up" the value of Amateur Radio as a community resource. Officials, including those from the ARRL, have been invited to attend the event. Upcoming issues of RAC's The Canadian Amateur (TCA) magazine will contain further details of the event as well as information on how to obtain confirmation of participation in this CAN-AM event, as will the RAC website.