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The March/April 2007 issue of The Canadian Amateur magazine carried an incorrect listing in the silent Key Column regarding Peter Thomas VE7PT. He is definitely not a Silent Key! Peter, an active 86 year-old living in Saanich, BC, says that he has been retired for 25 years, but still enjoys being active in the amateur radio hobby. He is active in the Westcoast Amateur Radio Association, the Victoria Area Packet Association (VARPA), the Saanich Peninsula Emergency Program, and he particularly enjoys training new hams by having them visit his shack. Although no longer sailing the high seas, Peter is an honorary member of the Blue Water Cruising Association. The mix-up came about when an obituary in local newspapers was spotted for a "Philip Thomas" in which it was stated that his interests included ham radio with call sign VE7PT. Unfortunately, the error was not spotted in time. RAC apologies to Peter and to his many friends and family for the error.