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RAC President Dave Goodwin VO1AU/VE3AAQ has named Gabor Horvath VE7DXG of Duncan, BC as Chair of RAC's VHF/UHF Bandplanning Committee. The Committee's role is to make recommendations to the RAC Board on how Amateur spectrum between 30MHz and 2GHz is divided among the various modes and techniques employed by Canadian Radio Amateurs. Gabor is looking for volunteers to serve on the committee, and the begin the process of reviewing and updating the current band plans. Please contact Gabor at VE7DXG@rac.ca. The Committee is not responsible for assigning frequency pairs to particular repeaters - that is the work of local repeater coordinators. Gabor succeeds Graham Ide VE3BYT of Ottawa ON, who resigned as Chair of the committee in 2007. RAC is very grateful to Graham for his many years of service to Canadian Amateurs.