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The Government of Ontario has tabled legislation intended to improve road safety by banning the use of some kinds of electronic devices by drivers. While the target of Bill 118 was intended to be cellular communication devices, the draft bill is written so broadly that many Amateurs are concerned that Amateur Radio mobile operation could be banned by the bill's provisions. RAC has already taken steps to protect the interests of Amateurs in that province. RAC President Dave Goodwin VO1AU/VE3AAQ has written to Minister Bradley specifically requesting that Amateur Radio be excluded from the scope of the bill. This letter reminded the minister that similar legislation in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Quebec explicitly or implicity protects mobile Amateur Radio operation. A careful reading of the bill reveals that any exemptions will be contained in regulations. RAC will shortly meet with Ontario transportation officials to make the case for protecting mobile Amateur Radio operation. This will be done in conjunction with the Canadian Association for Rallysport (CARS) Executive Director Alastair Robertson VE3RAA. *********** 73, David Goodwin VO1AU/VE3AAQ President, Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) Président, Radio Amateurs du Canada (RAC)