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RAC Field Services Announces HF Emcomm Frequencies As the result of extensive research, a list of designated Canadian HF Emergency Communications frequencies has been created. Radio Amateurs of Canada National Emergency Coordinator Ken Oelke VE6AFO, National Traffic System Coordinator Hew Lines VA7HU, National Amateur Radio Emergency Database Manager Drew Watson VA7DR and Special Advisor Pierre Mainville VA3PM, worked in consultation with RAC Section Managers to compile the list. Frequencies and modes of operation have been pre-determined for use of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) during an emergency or disaster occurring anywhere in Canada. The list may be viewed online at http:/%www.rac.ca/fieldorg/racaresfreqs.htm. The RAC Field Services Organization reminds all operators that no Amateur Radio station or group has exclusive ownership of any frequency, although common sense and courtesy dictates that other stations would keep clear of frequencies being used for communications related to emergency or disaster operations anywhere in the world. Bob Cooke VE3BDB RAC Vice President for Field Services