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On Thursday, 6 February 2008, RAC President Dave Goodwin VO1AU/VE3AAQ
appointed Jim Hay VE2VE of Pointe Claire QC as Special Advisor, Technical
and Administrative Services. Jim is now the RAC official responsible for
RAC's information technology infrastructure. He has already tackled some
significant problems and taken action to ensure much greater speed and
reliability for the web site. Further improvements in RAC's informatics
service will follow very shortly.

In that position, Jim succeeds John Iliffe VA3JI of Newmarket ON, who
devoted a great deal of effort to RAC's presence on the web over the last
few years. The Board and Executive of RAC are very grateful to John for his
dedication and effort.

Sent by Dave Goodwin VO1AU/VE3AAQ, RAC President.