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2009 RAC Bulletins

38RAC Bulletin 2009-038E - New Section Manager for Maritimes.
37RAC Bulletin 2009-037E - RAC Bulletin 2009-037E Alberta/NWT/Nunavut Director Elected.
36Bulletin RAC 2009-036E - RAC target of phishing attempt
35RAC Bulletin 2009-035E - New Executive Announced.
34RAC Bulletin 2009-034E - Canadian Experiments at 500 kHz authorized.
32RAC Bulletin 2009-032E - Military radiolocation system to operate on 70 cm.
31RAC Bulletin 2009-031E - Correction to Bulletin 2009-030E.
30RAC Bulletin 2009-030E - Derek Hay, VE4HAY, elected Midwest Region Director.
29RAC Bulletin 2009-029E - RAC HFBPC has a new name.
28RAC Bulletin 2009-028E - Geoff Smith, VA3GS, re-elected Ontario South Region Director.
27RAC Bulletin 2009-027E Decision Expected Soon on Ontario Cell Phone Issue - Bill 118.
26RAC Bulletin 2009-026E - New BC/YK Section Manager Elected.
25RAC Bulletin 2009-025E - ExHAMiner ©, new release.
24RAC Bulletin 2009-024E - Canadian RTTY/Digital Operators.
23RAC Bulletin 2009-023E - Garry Jacobs elected Alberta SM.
22RAC Bulletin 2009-022E - New RAC Vice-President Field Services.
21RAC Bulletin 2009-021E - RAC members at CITEL Ottawa meeting.
20RAC Bulletin 2009-020E - Bill 118 News.
19RAC Bulletin 2009-019E - Public Consultation on Allocation to the Amateur Radio Service at 2200 metres.
18RAC Bulletin 2009-018E - Canadian Hams in Geneva.
17RAC Bulletin 2009-017E - RAC new LF/MF/HF Band Planning Committee Chair.
16RAC Bulletin 2009-016E - Appointment of Midwest Region Director
15RAC Bulletin 2009-015E - Resignation of Midwest Director
14RAC Bulletin 2009-014E - RAC Canada Day Contest July 1, 2009
13RAC Bulletin 2009-013E - New RAC representative on the ARRL Contest Advisory Committee.
12RAC Bulletin 2009-012E - Lakehead Amateur Radio Club 75th Anniversary Special Event Station
11RAC Bulletin 2009-011E : Renewed Memorandum of Understanding between RAC and Canadian Red Cross Society.
10RAC Bulletin 2009-010E : Catherine Helen (Cathy) Hrischenko, VE3GJH SK
9RAC Bulletin 2009-009E Amateur Radio Direction Finding Coordinator Needed
8Scheduled RAC AGM Postponed
7Bill Gipps, VE7ISV, new BC/YK Regional Director
6Deadline for Alberta Section Manager Nominations Approaching
5RAC new Vice President for Field Services
4Radio Amateurs of Canada has a new President
3Bulletin 2009-003E New First Vice-President elected.
2RAC President sends message to Manitoba Minister
1First of Eight New Section Training Coordinators Announced