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RAC Bulletin 2009-009E Amateur Radio Direction Finding Coordinator Needed

March 22, 2009

Radio Amateurs of Canada is seeking an interested Radio Amateur to volunteer as the Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) Coordinator for Canada.

ARDF is the sport of finding radio transmitters while on foot, using a radio receiver, map and compass in diverse, wooden terrain. Not to be confused with "fox hunting", it involves the taking of radio bearings, finding hidden transmitters and constructing related equipment.

The RAC ARDF Coordinator's job is to promote the development of this sport and work with ARDF Coordinators in other International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) countries to organize competitions and activities.

As the current ARDF Coordinator's term has come to an end, a replacement is required. Interested Radio Amateurs should contact the RAC Corporate Secretary via email at ve9glf@hotmail.com.

For more information about ARDF, please visit the RAC web page at www.rac.ca/opsinfo/ardf.htm.

R. D. (Bob) Cooke VE3BDB
President - Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.