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2010 RAC Bulletins

41RAC Bulletin 2010-041E - RAC Winter Contest 2010
40RAC Bulletin 2010-040E - Season's Greetings
39RAC Bulletin 2010-039E - Distracted Driving Legislation Continues to be on Provincial Agendas; New Brunswick introduces Legislation Banning Cell Phone and Two Way Radio Use
38RAC Bulletin - 2010-038E - RAC Maple Leaf Operators Membership and changes to International Membership fees.
37RAC Bulletin 2010-037E - RAC is now on Twitter
36RAC Bulletin 2010-036 E Barry MacKenzie VE5TRF . New Section Manager for Saskatchewan
35RAC Bulletin 2010-035E - Important News About the RAC Insurance Program
34RAC Bulletin 2010-034 E - CARAB News on Electrical Interference
33RAC Bulletin 2010-033E - Volunteers honoured for service to RAC
32RAC Bulletin 2010-032E - Vision Statement 2010-11-14
31RAC Bulletin 2010-031E - Field Organization Review Project
30RAC Bulletin 2010-030E - Bulletin #2 from Ottawa.
29RAC Bulletin 2010-029E- Ian Snow VA3QT appointed Special Advisor to the National Field Organization Executive.
28RAC Bulletin 2010-028E - Bulletin #1 from Ottawa
27RAC Bulletin 2010-027E - Canadian Amateur Radio Advisory Board Meeting October 28, 2010
26RAC Bulletin 2010-026E GlobalSet 2010 - November 13, 2010
24RAC Bulletin 2010-024E – Survey
23RAC Bulletin 2010-023E - Canadian Simulated Emergency Test (SET) - October 16 and 17, 2010
22RAC Bulletin 2010-022E - IARU R2 Conference closes
21RAC Bulletin 2010-021E - IARU R2 Conference opens.
20RAC Bulletin 2010-020E - President’s Bulletin from El Salvador
19RAC Bulletin 2010-019E - Ballooning & Ham Radio
18RAC Bulletin 2010-018E Bulletin number 1 from San Salvador
17RAC Bulletin 2010-017E - Ken McPherson, VA6KM is appointed Alberta Section Training Coordinator
16RAC Bulletin 2010-016E - Director Elections
15RAC Bulletin 2010-015E - New RAC HQ Appointments
14RAC Bulletin 2010-09-14E - Industry Canada Authorizes Commercial Activity on 2-metre and 70 cm bands.
13RAC Bulletin 2010-13E - New RAC Director - Quebec
12RAC Bulletin 2010-12E - RAC Bulletin 2010-012E Quinghai province earthquake Report #1.
11RAC Bulletin 2010-11E - RAC requests Industry Canada for 60m Spot frequency assignments.
10RAC Bulletin 2010-010E - Ontario South Director Elected..
9RAC Bulletin 2010-009E - RAC Section Manager Election Results - Manitoba.
8RAC Bulletin 2010-008E - RAC Section Manager Election Results.
7RAC Bulletin 2010-007E - Canadian Amateur Radio Access to 137 Khz.
6RAC Bulletin 2010-006E - Chile Earthquake Update 2010-03-06
5RAC Bulletin 2010-005E - Earthquake in Chile
4RAC Bulletin 2010-004E - New Manager NARED – Mervyn Halvorsen, VA3TSA
3Haiti Earthquake Traffic - 2010-01-24
2RAC Bulletin 2010-002E - Haiti, the Amateur perspective.
1RAC Bulletin 20010-001E Haiti Earthquake