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RAC Bulletin 2010-019E - Ballooning & Ham Radio

As part of the SHARP project (Shaftesbury High Altitude Robotics Project) students & teachers from Shaftesbury High School in Winnipeg will be launching a balloon running two APRS beacons with the call signs VE4SHS-14 and VE4SHS-9 for tracking purposes on October 22nd, 2010 from Erickson, Manitoba. It is anticipated that the balloon will land somewhere around Portage , MB or east of there. Participating in the project are between 15 and 25 students including recently certified Amateur Radio Operator, Bohyun Lee VE4BHL, who got her ticket last spring via the course at Garden City High School.

Frequencies: 144.390 APRS
Chase vehicles: VE4MRS repeater 145.310- tone 141.4 tone
VE4PLP repeater 147.165+
Anticipated launch time: 10:00 CDT
Anticipated duration: 3 hours
Estimated height: 100,000 feet

There is no back-up date in event of poor weather.

For more information on the project please contact
Robert Striemer
Teacher | Shaftesbury High School
2240 Grant Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3P 0P7
tel: 204.888.5898 | fax: 204.896.5492

thank you


Derek Hay, VE4HAY
Midwest Regional Director - Radio Amateurs of Canada