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RAC Bulletin 2010-002E - Haiti, the Amateur perspective.

Haiti, the Amateur perspective.

We have all seen the tragic human toll and devastation of the Haitian earthquake as reported by the media. We have been asked what the Amateur community is doing about it.

To our knowledge, since the earthquake, less than half a dozen Hams have been reporting from Haiti and have done so very sporadically. Most have severe constraints for electricity, fuel or other required facilities.

Apart from a couple of Hams embedded with the UN or the Red Cross, none other have succeeded to enter the country and stay to operate.

Yesterday, a convoy of Dominicans made up of representatives from that government and including 8 Amateurs, entered Haiti by road on its way to their Embassy in Port-au-Prince. Almost at destination they were attacked by gunfire resulting in one dead and several wounded. All 8 Amateurs are safe. The convoy turned around and is now safely back in the Dominican Republic.

Outside of Haiti,there are scores of Hams listening on the published HF frequencies for emrgency communications and ready for any QSPs.

Here in Canada, our Vice President Field Services, Doug Mercer, VO1DTM, is watching the situation very closely, ready to give any help that might be needed.

We also have French speaking operators like Gerry, VE2AW and Richard, VE2DX, that are ready on the frequencies to speak to anyone in need in Haiti.

We are also getting ready for the future. At the Request of the Salvation Army SATERN I have recruited about 20 Hams, fluent in French, that are now poised to leave for Haiti when required.

This is the situation as of now and we will update you when we have something significant to report.


Daniel A. Lamoureux, VE2KA
Vice President International Affairs, Radio Amatuers of Canada