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RAC Bulletin 2010-033E - Volunteers honoured for service to RAC

QSL Bureaus honoured. Nenad Stevanovic, VE3EXY, and Len Morgan, VE9MY receive Plaques of Recognition.

Radio Amateurs of Canada Presents Plaques of Recognition to the Managers of the RAC National Incoming and Outgoing QSL Bureaus.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada exists largely on the efforts of dedicated volunteers who actually do the work of the organization. Recently, the RAC has embarked on a program to offer recognition for significant volunteer efforts. One of the first areas to be recognized is the RAC National QSL Bureau system, comprised of the Incoming and Outgoing QSL Bureaus. The National QSL Bureau system for Canada was set up and is funded by the Radio Amateurs of Canada for use by its members, as a benefit of membership in the organization.

The RAC National Incoming Bureau is located in Saint John, NB. It receives and sorts QSL cards from other IARU countries and sends them at on to the appropriate Provincial Bureau, who then sends the cards on to individual hams.

The RAC National Outgoing Bureau is located in Ottawa,ON and receives cards from RAC members and forwards them on to their respective international destination.

At a recent meeting in Ottawa, the Radio Amateurs of Canada recognized the long term effort by the individuals who have operated these bureaus for many years on behalf of the RAC. Plaques were presented to Nenad Stevanovic VE3EXY, the manager of the National Outgoing Bureau for more than 10 years of service, and to Len Morgan VE9MY and the Loyalist City Amateur Radio Club, the manager of the National Incoming Bureau, for more than 15 years of service.

Congratulations and big Thank You to these people for all their dedicated work from the Radio Amateurs of Canada.

Ian MacFarquhar VE9IM
1st Vice President - Radio Amateurs of Canada