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RAC Bulletin 2010-035E - Important News About the RAC Insurance Program

For several years the Radio Amateurs of Canada has been able to offer the RAC Insurance Program to its members and incorporated Affiliated Clubs on a cost recovery basis. This program provided liability insurance coverage for participating RAC Affiliated Clubs and their members as part of the Radio Amateurs of Canada master insurance policy. The RAC has been fortunate in being able to offer this coverage without change for some time. Nothing however is ever permanent in this world and insurance is no different.

Recently, the Insurance Broker who had been providing the insurance has informed the RAC that the Insurer will no longer be offering this type of insurance coverage. As a result, the RAC Insurance Team has been scouring the market on your behalf to obtain the best coverage and value that can be found. The Team has been successful and liability insurance will continue to be available for RAC Affiliated Clubs and their members. Details for 2011 coverage are being emailed separately to participating RAC Affiliated Clubs.

The RAC members of an Affiliated Club that participates in the RAC Insurance program will receive additional liability coverage for their personal, non Club related amateur radio station activities at no extra cost. Note that to be eligible for personal coverage, RAC members must also be a member of an Affiliated Club that participates in the RAC Insurance program. This is due to changes in insurance availability and requirements of the Insurer.

An exciting new addition to the RAC Insurance Program for 2011 is radio equipment loss/damage coverage. We will now be able to offer this coverage for RAC Affiliated clubs that are participating in the liability insurance program and RAC members in the Club. This insurance will be available at extremely competitive prices and provides loss/damage coverage for amateur radio equipment such as Club repeaters and stations.

Complete details of this new Insurance Program will be posted shortly on the RAC website at www.rac.ca. For further information or questions, please contact Jerry Beneteau, the RAC Insurance Manager, at ve3ext@primus.ca.

Ian MacFarquhar VE9IM
1st Vice President - Radio Amateurs of Canada