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2011 RAC Bulletins

47RAC Bulletin 2011-047E - RAC Holiday Office Hours - 2011/2012
46RAC Bulletin 2011-046E - New Membership rates
45RAC Bulletin 2011-045E - Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year
44RAC Bulletin 2011-044E - New Manager of NARED, the National Amateur Radio Emergency Database
43RAC Bulletin 2011-043E - Distribution of ARES merchandise
42RAC Bulletin 2011-042E - Address/phone number/email updates needed
41RAC Bulletin 2011-041E - RAC-CafPress Store Update
40RAC Bulletin 2011-040E - Notice to TELUS customers using the @RAC aliases.
39RAC Bulletin 2011-039E - Radio Amateurs of Canada Executive for 2012-2013
39-1RAC Bulletin 2011-039E Correction - Correction to Bulletin 2011-039E
38RAC Bulletin 2011-038E RAC - CafPress Site.
37RAC Bulletin 2011-037E - Jack Belrose VE2CV appointed to Hall of Fame
36RAC Bulletin 2011-036E - Alberta/NWT/Nu Director Re-elected
35RAC Bulletin 2011-035E - New Section Manager for BC/Yukon
34RAC Bulletin 2011-034E - RAC Distracted Driving Committee meets with MTO Officials
33RAC Bulletin 2011-033E - Notice to All Amateur Radio Operators in Ontario
33-1RAC Bulletin 2011-033E-A - Error in Bulletin 2011-033E
32RAC Bulletin 2011-032E - New Office Administrator
31RAC Bulletin 2011-031E - RAC Insurance Program for 2012
30RAC Bulletin 2011-030E - Simulated Emergency Test - SET - October 15, 2011
29RAC Bulletin 2011-029E - Nominations for Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame are due by Sept. 30.
28RAC Bulletin 2011-028E - Tropical Storm Maria
27RAC Bulletin 2011-027E - Ontario South director re-elected.
26RAC Bulletin 2011-026E - Call for Nominations.
25RAC Bulletin 2011-025E - Montreal Amateur Radio Club to Host 2012 RAC Annual General Meeting
24RAC Bulletin 2011-024E - RAC Task Force to Seek an Exemption for Ontario Amateurs.
23RAC Bulletin 2011-023E - Deputy Director Appointed at St. John's AGM.
22RAC Bulletin 2011-022E - Industry Canada Responds Favourably to RAC request for access to 60M. Public consultation to begin shortly.
21RAC Bulletin 2011-021E - RAC ARES Section Restructuring Committee.
19RAC Bulletin 2011-019E - Radio Amateurs of/duCanada - Eighteenth Annual General Meeting
18RAC Bulletin 2011-018E - RAC Field Organization National Secretariat - Volunteer position.
17RAC Bulletin 2011-017E RAC Field Organization- ARES adopts Mission and Vision statement.
16RAC Bulletin 2011-016E - Mike Kelly, VE3FFK appointed to the National Field Organization Secretariat
15RAC Bulletin 2011-015E - Manitoba Declares “Amateur Radio Week” as local “Hams” prepare for a Public Demo of Emergency Communications
14RAC Bulletin 2011-014E ARES ID Cards.
13RAC Bulletin 2011-013E – Message from Bill Unger, VE3XT – Distracted Diving legislation (Bill 118)
12RAC Bulletin 2011-012E: Election RAC Ontario South Director
11RAC Bulletin 2011-011E - VPFS Doug Mercer VO1DTM and National Secretariat welcome A.J.(Andrew) Bryan VE7KSN/National Amateur Radio Emergency Database (NARED) now ready for applicants
11RAC Bulletin 2011-011E - VPFS Doug Mercer VO1DTM and National Secretariat welcome A.J.(Andrew) Bryan VE7KSN/National Amateur Radio Emergency Database (NARED) now ready for applicants
10RAC Field Organization opening for National Secretariat - Public Relations Specialist
9RAC Bulletin 2011-009E - Setting the record straight regarding the RAC Ontario Section bulletin for April 23, 2011.
8RAC Bulletin 2011-008E - Development of A Canadian Field Organization
7RAC Bulletin 2011-007E - Ontario South Director's Election
6RAC Bulletin 2011-006E - Japan Earthquake
5RAC Bulletin 2011-005E Results of the 2010 IARU HF World Championship.
4RAC Bulletin 2011-004E - Request for Information, Interference from Plasma Television Sets.
3RAC Bulletin 2011-003 RAC Field Organization Review - VPFS Council announces appointments.
2RAC Bulletin 2011-002E New National Affiliated Club Coordinator Appointed; Robert Critch VE3QTH joins RAC Team.
1RAC Bulletin 2011-001E : Doug Mein VA3DM appointed Special Advisor to the RAC Field Organization