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RAC Bulletin 2011-013E Message from Bill Unger, VE3XT Distracted Diving legislation (Bill 118)

This is a message from Bill Unger, VE3XT RAC Director Ontario North/East who is co-ordinating the drive to exempt Amateurs in Ontario against the Distracted Driving legislation (Bill 118).


Just back from Dayton and we got a great response from a lot of Canadian hams who came by the booth and already planning for next year.

Why I am sending you this email is just a gentle reminder that I really need letters of support from 3rd party groups and organizations. If you help with communications for any group or are part of an emergency response procedure for your community we need a letter from them.

I am not looking for a letter asking or telling any one that we need to continue to be able to operate mobile but rather a strong statement that Amateurs are important to the operation of their event or emergency preparedness plan. We need to show the bureaucrats and technocrats that Amateurs are a vital group and provide many community services that so far has gone unnoticed. Stated simply, we need to ???get on their radar???. The letters can be addressed to either Kathleen Wynn or your individual group.

Once the legislators understand that Ontario Amateurs provide a service that fills the needs of many diverse groups and organizations across the province I believe we can change their minds. This logic has worked in other provinces and it will work here as well.

Thanks and please try to get those letters to me soon.


Bill Unger VE3XT - North/East Ontario Regional Director
Radio Amateurs of Canada
<wunger @ confederationc dot on dot ca<>