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RAC Bulletin 2011-040E - Notice to TELUS customers using the @RAC aliases.

Starting on Nov. 23 there has been a significant increase in unsolicited bulk e-mail arriving for @rac.ca e-mail addresses. TELUS chose to stop accepting messages after only a short period each day resulting in most @rac.ca aliases destined for TELUS customers being significantly delayed.

Messages are again being accepted by TELUS.

Owing to TELUS policies it has become necessary to have the e-mail server block any messages which are normally marked as spam and destined for TELUS customers. There is the possibility that some legitimate messages may not be delivered. While I will try to make what adjustments I can to avoid this TELUS customers should be aware that TELUS has wrongly identified legitimate e-mail addressed to @rac.ca aliases as spam.

To all other destinations we will continue to simply mark messages as possible spam to allow members to make their own final determination.

While I apologize for this inconvenience, it is caused by TELUS overly aggressive anti-spam policy.

James R. Hay, VE2VE - Vice President
Technical and Administrative Services - Radio Amateurs of Canada