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2012 RAC Bulletins

73RAC Bulletin 2012-073E - Reminder Regarding the Winter Day Contest
72RAC Bulletin 2012-072E - Regulations Amending the Contraventions Regulations
71RAC Bulletin 2012-071E - Distracted Driving Update Ontario Regulations Changed
70RAC Bulletin 2012-070E - RAC Section Manager election results
69RAC Bulletin 2012-069E - RAC Winter contest is just around the corner
68RAC Bulletin 2012-068E - RAC Club Liability Insurance
67RAC Bulletin 2012-067E - CFSO Doug Mercer advises of e-mail address change
66RAC Bulletin 2012-066E - Bill Unger, VE3XT Ontartio North/East Director Acclaimed
65RAC Bulletin 2012-065E - Bob Nash VE3KZ appointed to Hall of Fame
64RAC Bulletin 2012-064E - Issues with the RAC Report.
63RAC Bulletin 2012-063E - Hurricane Sandy heading our way
62RAC Bulletin 2012-062E - Allan Boyd, VE3AJB
61RAC Bulletin 2012-061E - Tropical Storm Rafael predicted to effect Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
60RAC Bulletin 2012-060E - NARED database
59RAC Bulletin 2012-059E - Mike Myers, VA3MPM
58RAC Bulletin 2012-058E - An invitation from the family of Earle Smith, VE6NM
57RAC Bulletin 2012-057E - Distracted Driving Bulletin: Ontario Extends Exemption
56RAC Bulletin 2012-056E - WEBINAR for the Radio Amateurs of/du Canada Annual General Meeting September 22, 2012
55RAC Bulletin 2012-055E - Tropical Storm Leslie lies 1079 kms south of Sydney Nova Scotia
54RAC Bulletin 2012-054E - Two Commercial Operations Evicted from Two Meter Band
53RAC Bulletin 2012-053E - The RAC office has some leftover books for sale
52RAC Bulletin 2012-052E - Ontario Section News - 2012-08-30
49RAC Bulletin 2012-049E - Non-Amateur Use of Frequency in BC
48RAC Bulletin 2012-048E - RAC Bulletin - New Ontario Section Managers announced
47RAC Bulletin 2012-047E - Question bank updates.
46RAC Bulletin 2012-046E - 2012 RAC AGM Montreal Sept 22nd
45RAC Bulletin 2012-045E - New Ontario Section Boundaries
44RAC Bulletin 2012-044E - Conference Cancellation: Edmonton, Alberta, August 10,11,12.
43RAC Bulletin 2012-043E - RAC Incoming QSL Bureau.
42RAC Bulletin 2012-042E - Norm Rashleigh VE3LC to represent the RAC on the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group (CITIG) 700 Mhz definition working group
41RAC Bulletin 2012-041E - Canadian Amateur Radio Clubs Listing
40RAC Bulletin 2012-040E - Canadian Call Sign Search RAC Web Site
40-1RAC Bulletin 2012-040E-1 - Clarification of Bulletin no. 2012-040E published on July 31, 2012
38RAC Bulletin 2012-038E - Ottawa based technically qualified (land mobile radio systems) volunteer needed
37RAC Bulletin 2012-037E - Deputy Director Appointed for the Midwest Region
36RAC Bulletin 2012-036E - 60 metre news
35RAC Bulletin 2012-035E - Ham Operators needed to support Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation
34RAC Bulletin 2012-034E - British Columbia-Yukon Section Manager Election Results
33RAC Bulletin 2012-033E - Operators wanted for VA3RAC Canada Day Contest Station
32RAC Bulletin 2012-032E - New ARES merchandise now available at the RAC Online Store - Cafepress
32-1RAC Bulletin 2012-032E-1 - Correction to Bulletin 2012-032E
31RAC Bulletin 2012-031E - Canada Day Contest
30RAC Bulletin 2012-030E - Field Day 2012 is just around the corner.
29RAC Bulletin 2012-029E - For Sale
28RAC Bulletin 2012-028E - 60 metre consultation - additional information
27RAC Bulletin 2012-027E - Booth change at Dayton.
26RAC Bulletin 2012-026E - 60 metre Consultation Bulletin
25RAC Bulletin 2012-025E - Special North East Ontario Regional Directors Report - 60 Metres is Gazetted
24RAC Bulletin 2012-24E - New Deputy Director Ontario North/East
23RAC Bulletin 2012-023E - Distracted Driving in Ontario
22RAC Bulletin 2012-022E - RAC office hours April 5 - 9, 2012
21RAC Bulletin 2012-021E - Update on 60 Metres
20RAC Bulletin 2012-020E - Section Emergency Coordinator appointed for Quebec Section
19RAC Bulletin 2012-019E - RAC Operating Manual
18RAC Bulletin 2012-018E - Public Information Officer appointed to the Field Organization National Secretariat
17RAC Bulletin 2012-017E - New ARES logos
16RAC Bulletin 2012-016E - Ontario Section Emergency Coordinator appointed.
15RAC Bulletin 2012-015E - Earle Smith, VE6NM - SK
14RAC Bulletin 2012-014E - Volunteers Needed for RAC Band Planning Committees
12RAC Bulletin 2012-012E - ARES reflector address changes
11RAC Bulletin 2012-011E - RAC Office Closed Monday February 20, 2012.
10RAC Bulletin 2012-010E - Good News from WRC12 A New Band.
9RAC Bulletin 2012-009E - Note to all Amateurs in the Alberta Section
8RAC Bulletin 2012-008E - Amateur of the Year for 2011
7RAC Bulletin 2012-007E - Update on the Ontario Section Restructure process.
6RAC Bulletin 2012-006E - Ontario Section restructuring Update
5RAC Bulletin 2012-005E - Outstanding ARES ID cards
4RAC Bulletin 2012-004E - WRC-2012
3RAC Bulletin 2012-003E - New Quebec Director
2RAC Bulletin 2012-002E - Treasurer
1RAC Bulletin 2012-001E - Trustee wanted for Defence of Amateur Radio Fund (DARF)