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2013 RAC Bulletins

42RAC Bulletin 2013-042E - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
41RAC Bulletin 2013-041E - 0-30 MHz Band Planning Committee Announcement
40RAC Bulletin 2013-040E - Industry Canada posts RAC letter of response to Medical Devices operating in 70 cm band
39RAC Bulletin 2013-039E - RAC Election of Officers
38RAC Bulletin 2013-038E - Ken Pulfer, VE3PU and Earle Smith, VE6NM appointed to Hall of Fame
37RAC Bulletin 2013-037E - Deadline approaching to register - RAC Affiliated Club program
36RAC Bulletin 2013-036E - 2013 Annual General Meeting concluded
35RAC Bulletin 2013-35E - First RAC Member Recognition Award (MRA)
34RAC Bulletin 2013-034E - RAC Member Recognition Program Extraordinary Service Award
33RAC Bulletin 2013-033E - RAC Member Recognition Program (RAC MRP)
32RAC Bulletin 2013-032E - RAC Director for Ontario South
31RAC Bulletin 2013-031E - Radio Amateurs of Canada Supports Dr. Bruce Gracie as Canada's nomination for Deputy Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union
30RAC Bulletin 2013-030E - RAC Announces Scholarships
29RAC Bulletin 2013-029E - Tropical Storm Gabriel
28RAC Bulletin 2013-028E - Alberta ARES members meet to debrief
27RAC Bulletin 2013-027E - Bulletin Concerning the DX Advisory Committee
26RAC Bulletin 2013-026E - 2013 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) October 19, 2013
25RAC Bulletin 2013-025E - New RAC Corporate Secretary = Alvin (Al) M. Masse, VE3CWP
24Proposed Revisions to the Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations, SMSE-004-13 includes New 600 Metre Amateur Band for Canadian Amateurs;
23RAC Bulletin 2013-023E - Field Day is just around the corner
22RAC Bulletin 2013-022E - New Certified Emergency Coordinator
21RAC Bulletin 2013-021E - Power Line Interference Contact Information
20RAC Bulletin 2013-020E - BC-Yukon Section Manager re-elected
19RAC Bulletin 2013-019E - Radio Amateur of Canada Foundation Grants
18RAC Bulletin 2013-018E - Grow, Thrive and Influence: The future of RAC and Amateur Radio
17RAC Bulletin 2013-017E - Radio Amateur of the Year for 2012
16RAC Bulletin 2013-016E - RAC completes Review of Amateur Radio Exam Questions
15RAC Bulletin 2013-015E - Ontario South ARES leaders to meet
14RAC Bulletin 2013-014E - Field Organization on Twitter
13RAC Bulletin 2013-013E - Office hours - Easter 2013
12RAC Bulletin 2013-012E - RAC Section Managers reaffirm support of NTS
11RAC Bulletin 2013-011E - RAC Completes First Phase of Review of Amateur Radio Exam Questions
10RAC Bulletin 2013-010E - TCA late this month
9RAC Bulletin 2013-009E - RAC Field Organization, Industry Canada meet in Ottawa
8RAC Bulletin 2013-008E - Review of Amateur Radio Exam Questions
7RAC Bulletin 2013-007E - Ian Macfarquhar, VE9IM appointed as Regulatory Affairs Officer
6RAC Bulletin 2013-006E - Recruitment - Regulatory Affairs Officer
5RAC Bulletin 2013-005E - RAC Planning Session February 15-17, 2013
4RAC Bulletin 2013-004E - RAC Field Organization seeking Secretary
3RAC Bulletin 2013-003E - RAC Office Closed Monday February 18, 2013
2RAC Bulletin 2013-002E - RAC Director Election / Appointments
1RAC Bulletin 2013-001E - RAC Affiliated Club , SONRA to host ARISS contact