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Proposed Revisions to the Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations, SMSE-004-13 includes New 600 Metre Amateur Band for Canadian Amateurs

This Bulletin is issued to bring to the attention of the Canadian Amateur Radio Community the release Gazette Notice SMSE-004-13 by Industry Canada advising about the Consultation on Proposed Revisions to the Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations. Such revisions to the domestic table are expected following a World Radio Conference (WRC). Of interest to Canadian Amateurs in the proposed revisions is the inclusion of the new International Amateur MF band between 472 and 479 KHz. This 600 metre band was long sought and won at the WRC 2012 in large part by the good and dedicated efforts of the Canadian Delegation including representatives from Radio Amateurs of Canada, Dr. Kenneth Pulfer, VE3PU (SK), and Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN. RAC is very pleased to have been successful in Geneva.

RAC officials also noted the proposed revisions in the Table did not include the addition of an appropriate Canadian Footnote for the range 5230 to 5240 KHz for authorization of the amateur service on 60 metre spot frequency channels as petitioned by RAC in 2010 and the subject of the Industry Canada Proposal and Consultation SMSE-10-12 issued last year, May 2012. This is an omission and should not mean an unfavourable decision on the 5 MHz channels. Instead, from all indications, there is good reason to believe the 60 Metre Decision will be favourable to Canadian Radio Amateurs and is imminent.

Canada Gazette notice SMSE-004-13 also invites public comments on the proposed revisions contained in this consultation paper. Following the review of comments by the Department, the allocation decisions will be promulgated by the issuance of a revised edition of the Canadian Table. The public response period ends Sept 27th, 2013.

Radio Amateurs of Canada will be responding directly to this Consultation and through its membership in the Radio Advisory Board of Canada to the recent Consultation ensuring the interests of the Canadian Amateur Community are well represented on this Consultation. If you chose to comment to IC please CC RAC as we would be interested in your views. (ve9im@rac.ca)


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Ian Macfarquhar, VE9IM
First Vice President and Regulatory Affairs Officer - Radio Amteurs of Canada.

[With thanks to Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC - RAC representative to the Radio Advisory Board of Canada]


Vernon Ikeda - VE2MBS/VE2QQ
Pointe-Claire, Québec
RAC Blog Editor/RAC E-News/Web News Bulletin Editor