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RAC has become aware of increasing levels of interference to Amateur Radio operations on the 902-928MHz (33cm) band from wireless power meters and is calling on Radio Amateurs who use that band to provide any information to help identify the extent and nature of the problem.

In a number of cities, electrical power utilities are installing wireless meters that operate in the 33cm band. Amateur Radio has access to that band on a Secondary basis, meaning we may not cause interference to, nor be protected from interference by licensed Primary users of that spectrum, which are stations in the Fixed and Radiolocation Services. However, these wireless power meters are operating legally, but as unlicensed devices and are therefore legally subordinate to Amateur Radio. Amateur Radio operations may claim protection from these devices.

RAC intends to raise this issue with Industry Canada, but requires more information on the effect these meters are having on our operations. If you are active on the 33cm band, and you have suffered harmful interference from these devices, please provide details to RAC's Vice-President Industrial Liaison, Norm Rashleigh VE3LC of Ottawa. Norm may be contacted by e-mail at rashleigh@sympatico.ca or VE3LC@rac.ca.