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Amateur Radio a Century of Innovation

Yes, The Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club will be hosting a Hamfest August 8th - 10th at the Hilton Suites Hotel.

The planning for this has been going on for over a year already, with meetings for those on the committee being held more frequently as the event draws nearer. The price for HAMFEST2008 has been held to the absolute minimum and is a bargain, considering what you will get for it.

Early bird pricing is $130.00 before June 15th, after this date the price is $150.00 per person. But what do you get for your money. You will receive, a Lunch on Saturday, a sit down dinner on Saturday night along with local entertainers - Jimmy & the Doo Wops, who will really get the place up and dancing. The following day you will be treated to a Sunday morning breakfast.

While the price for all of this including taxes and tips is close to the ticket price alone, you will receive so much more. Your VIP package will also include access to the Fleamarket on the Saturday morning, along with a trade show that will run during the flea market and continue into the afternoon. Here you will see Icom and some of their gear. Be able to speak directly to Icom personnel and ask those all important questions you have about their products. Icom is not the only commercial vendor in the trade show , the Cdn Forces will have a display area, along with MB Emergency Measures Organization. We are still working on bringing in a satellite communication company and other commercial vendors. So buy your bargain items in the early morning and see the commercial booths in both the morning & afternoon. 

But wait that is not all ... What would a great hamfest be without some education. We will have 3 tracks of concurrent informational/educational sessions happening during the afternoon, as well as again the next morning. The three tracks will be an Operating Track, a Technical Track and a Ends of the Spectrum Track. The Sunday afternoon will be mostly session on ARES. Check the web site listed below for more information on the program line up.

We are still not done... during the Sunday breakfast, we are planning to have a discussion panel on "The Past, Present & Future of amateur radio. This promised to be very enlightening.

As if the above was not enough value... For those HAMís who are also RAC members, Radio Amateurs of Canada will be having their 2008 Annual General Meeting in conjunction with HAMFEST2008. Come out and speak with the new RAC president, meet other officials of RAC, participate in the open forum, and learn about your national organization during the AGM.

And finally.... we will be hosting a hospitality room on the Friday & Saturday evenings for those who will be staying in the hotel (remember no drinking & driving).

Ohhh... Did I mention the door prizes? Yes, we have door prizes as well.

You enjoy the hobby of being an Amateur Radio Operator, now HAMFEST2008 will provide you a social atmosphere where you can eyeball your fellow HAMís, share ideas, learn, be informed, pick up a few bargains and have a great time in the process.

Check out our website


for all the information you will need on HAMFEST 2008. Remember to register early to save yourself some money. But most of all just remember to register. You will not want to miss this event. Additional and separate from the main VIP package are banquet tickets which can be purchased for your YL, XYL or OM as the case may be. you could also bring them along for the entire event as companion passes are at a reduced price. Or be like a few of the local HAMs and book a room for the weekend and enjoy yourself for the weekend with your YL, XYL or OM and all the out of town HAMís. it's your hobby - enjoy it.

(Thanks to Derek Hay VE4HAY, and the organizing committee for the Winnipeg Hamfest)