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I just received an e-mail from ARRL Contest Branch Manager Sean Kutzko KX9X. This year is the ARRL SS' 75th anniversary, and they are hoping for high levels of participation. Of course a 'clean sweep' is a holy grail in SS, and NWT, Yukon and Nunavut together form the rarest multiplier most years. 2008 may be rarer than most years: Sean has learned that Jay Allen, VY1JA will not likley be on from home.>/p>

So, from Sean, I am passing on a plea for activity in SS CW (1-3 Nov) and SS SSB (15-17 Nov), especially from VE8, VY1 and VY0. Please see http://www.arrl.org/contests/rules/2008/novss.html for more details.

President, Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)
Président, Radio Amateurs du Canada (RAC)

Mini - Dxpedition to Guinea 3XY0D

John Grow VE2EQL will be operating in KanKan, Guinea ( Africa ) from August 3rd to 
August 9th. His Guinea issued call is 3XY0D ( three x-ray yankee zero 
delta )

Operating most on the higher bands of 20 / 17 / 15 meters, with some 
tries of 40 meters, all depending on conditions.

Operating times will be around 10:00 GMT ( 6:00 EST AM ) to 11:00 GMT 
( 7:00 EST AM )
Evenings are 23:00 hours GMT ( 7:00 EST PM ) until bands or operator 
becomes too tired.

A Special QSL card will be made, upon my return for all contacts. 
Hopefully a web site with pictures will be posted once I return.

Station will consist of a Kenwood TS-50S, operating with batteries and 
Solar array.
Antenna will be a vertical and 88 ft dipole fed with ladder line.
He will only be able to do the logs via paper.

(Thanks to John Grow VE2EQL / 3XY0D)

Amateur Radio: A Century of Innovation:

What do satellites, microwaves, tornados, friends anywhere on the planet, the Manitoba Marathon, floods, talking to the the space station, helping the weather office, Katrina, digital communication and service to the community have in common? Amateur Radio is the answer. 

On August 9th and 10th radio amateurs from across Canada will descend on Winnipeg for the National 2008 Radio Amateurs of Canada [RAC] Annual General Meeting and the Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club’s [WARC] Convention .. called a HamFest for its combination of technology and camaraderie and the fact that amateur radio operators are often called Hams. 

Civil Agencies such as Manitoba’s Emergency Measures Organisation have formal working relationships with amateur radio and will be represented at the Convention as will the Department of Science Technology Energy and Mines which has the role to build on and promote technological excellence.

RAC represents amateur radio operators nationally and internationally and has as its key role to promote amateur radio. "You have a brilliant opportunity to learn about this fascinating pastime on August 8th and 9th. Radio amateurs bounce their signals off the moon, experiment with electronics, practice traditional short wave radio and help their communities during events and disasters. Radio is accessible to all ages and abilities and we work closely with civil agencies, the Red Cross, the CNIB, and a broad cross section of Canadians." states Dave Goodwin, VO1AU/VE3AAQ, President of the Radio Amateurs of Canada.

WARC’s role is to promote amateur radio locally. “Wireless was the cutting edge technology for a hundred years and is still a cutting edge technology that is essential for modern life and often is the only means of communication when disaster strikes.” Says Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, President of WARC. “ it’s also fun and builds great friendships.

This event has been 2 years in the planning, which will finally pay off with Hams meeting face to face, as compared to over the airwaves. “We are all such good friends who may have never met each other” say Derek Hay, VE4HAY chair of the Organizing Committee. “We will have everything here from digital voice to amateur satellite communications, and other leading edge technologies. Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization and the Canadian Forces will be present with their signals equipment.

All events are at the Hilton Suites Winnipeg Airport, 1800 Wellington Ave., Winnipeg, on August 8th and 9th. There will be a Tradeshow, Market, Technical Lectures, as well as the RAC Annual General Meeting and Gala Dinner.

The public is welcome to come to the Tradeshow: 12:00 [noon] to 4:00 PM on Saturday August 9th. 

The media are welcome throughout all of the events. 

For more information about the Convention, RAC Annual General Meeting or radio in general call Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, at 782-2615

Field Day 2008 - Saturday June 28, 18:00 UTC to Sunday June 29 at 21:00 UTC

Field Day is an annual event that has been held since the very 
earliest days of Amateur Radio. Started by the American Radio Relay 
League in the 1920's, this annual event is a test that is used by 
Amateur radio clubs and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES (tm)) 
to test one's emergency communications skills. This year it is on the 
weekend of June 28th and 29th from Saturday June 28, 18:00 UTC to 
Sunday June 29 at 21:00 UTC. 

Please come out and support your local Field Day 
operation. Most Club's will start setting up after 10 A.M. on Saturday 
morning so feel free to come and help out.

You can also find out local events at:


Reminder !

Amateur Radio a Century of Innovation

Yes, The Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club will be hosting a Hamfest August 8th - 10th at the Hilton Suites Hotel.

The planning for this has been going on for over a year already, with meetings for those on the committee being held more frequently as the event draws nearer. The price for HAMFEST2008 has been held to the absolute minimum and is a bargain, considering what you will get for it.

Early bird pricing is $130.00 before June 15th, after this date the price is $150.00 per person. But what do you get for your money. You will receive, a Lunch on Saturday, a sit down dinner on Saturday night along with local entertainers - Jimmy & the Doo Wops, who will really get the place up and dancing. The following day you will be treated to a Sunday morning breakfast.

While the price for all of this including taxes and tips is close to the ticket price alone, you will receive so much more. Your VIP package will also include access to the Fleamarket on the Saturday morning, along with a trade show that will run during the flea market and continue into the afternoon. Here you will see Icom and some of their gear. Be able to speak directly to Icom personnel and ask those all important questions you have about their products. Icom is not the only commercial vendor in the trade show , the Cdn Forces will have a display area, along with MB Emergency Measures Organization. We are still working on bringing in a satellite communication company and other commercial vendors. So buy your bargain items in the early morning and see the commercial booths in both the morning & afternoon. 

But wait that is not all ... What would a great hamfest be without some education. We will have 3 tracks of concurrent informational/educational sessions happening during the afternoon, as well as again the next morning. The three tracks will be an Operating Track, a Technical Track and a Ends of the Spectrum Track. The Sunday afternoon will be mostly session on ARES. Check the web site listed below for more information on the program line up.

We are still not done... during the Sunday breakfast, we are planning to have a discussion panel on "The Past, Present & Future of amateur radio. This promised to be very enlightening.

As if the above was not enough value... For those HAM’s who are also RAC members, Radio Amateurs of Canada will be having their 2008 Annual General Meeting in conjunction with HAMFEST2008. Come out and speak with the new RAC president, meet other officials of RAC, participate in the open forum, and learn about your national organization during the AGM.

And finally.... we will be hosting a hospitality room on the Friday & Saturday evenings for those who will be staying in the hotel (remember no drinking & driving).

Ohhh... Did I mention the door prizes? Yes, we have door prizes as well.

You enjoy the hobby of being an Amateur Radio Operator, now HAMFEST2008 will provide you a social atmosphere where you can eyeball your fellow HAM’s, share ideas, learn, be informed, pick up a few bargains and have a great time in the process.

Check out our website


for all the information you will need on HAMFEST 2008. Remember to register early to save yourself some money. But most of all just remember to register. You will not want to miss this event. Additional and separate from the main VIP package are banquet tickets which can be purchased for your YL, XYL or OM as the case may be. you could also bring them along for the entire event as companion passes are at a reduced price. Or be like a few of the local HAMs and book a room for the weekend and enjoy yourself for the weekend with your YL, XYL or OM and all the out of town HAM’s. it's your hobby - enjoy it.

(Thanks to Derek Hay VE4HAY, and the organizing committee for the Winnipeg Hamfest)

2010 Olympics seeks amateur radio volunteers

The Vancouver Olympics Committee (VANOC) has given Radio Amateurs of Canada details of their search for ham radio volunteers to assist during the Olympic Winter Games (Feb. 12-28, 2010) and Paralympic Winter Games (March 12-21, 2010).   Volunteers must have their own local accommodation in Greater Vancouver or Whistler areas. 

Of the 25,000 volunteers required, Amateur Radio operators are especially needed to help in technical roles during the events, and perhaps earlier.  The on-line volunteer application form, at www.vancouver2010.com, includes space to list skills and experience.   If the applicant wishes a communications or technical role, they should add a key phrase on their application form, to make it easy for VANOC to identify them.  In the fifth (final) application page, add the words "Amateur Radio Operator" in a box called "Additional Information...". 

For volunteers with professional  technical skills and experience, VANOC has provided a second key-word to be entered on the last page of the form.  This key-word is available from RAC Director Ed Frazer VE7EF, RAC Assistant Directors, RAC Section Manager Mike Hale VE7DXD, and ARES officers in BC.  See a recent issue of TCA for contact details.

Interference on 902-928MHz

RAC has become aware of increasing levels of interference to Amateur Radio operations on the 902-928MHz (33cm) band from wireless power meters and is calling on Radio Amateurs who use that band to provide any information to help identify the extent and nature of the problem.

In a number of cities, electrical power utilities are installing wireless meters that operate in the 33cm band. Amateur Radio has access to that band on a Secondary basis, meaning we may not cause interference to, nor be protected from interference by licensed Primary users of that spectrum, which are stations in the Fixed and Radiolocation Services. However, these wireless power meters are operating legally, but as unlicensed devices and are therefore legally subordinate to Amateur Radio. Amateur Radio operations may claim protection from these devices.

RAC intends to raise this issue with Industry Canada, but requires more information on the effect these meters are having on our operations. If you are active on the 33cm band, and you have suffered harmful interference from these devices, please provide details to RAC's Vice-President Industrial Liaison, Norm Rashleigh VE3LC of Ottawa. Norm may be contacted by e-mail at rashleigh@sympatico.ca or VE3LC@rac.ca.

Winnipeg Amateur Prevails Over City

On 23 January 2008, Gilbert Restiaux, VE4GIL learned that the City of Winnipeg had dropped their objections to his tower.

In 2002, Gil moved to a new neighbourhood. After checking with planning authorities in the city, he received their verbal agreement to erect a 48-foot tower and HF yagi in his back yard. Five years later, one of Gil's neighbours complained to municipal authorities because he "did not like" the appearance of Gil's tower.

The neighbour lodged complaints by telephone twice a day every day for several months. The City of Winnipeg eventually laid two charges against Gil of violating Winnipeg's zoning by-law. Gil hired a lawyer, did a great deal of research, and enlisted the help of Tim Ellam, VE6SH of RAC's Antenna Structures Committee. Tim provided Gil and his lawyer with documentary references that were of assistance to Gil's lawyer in arguing that the city's attempts to regulate Gil's Amateur Radio antennas were beyond municipal jurisdiction.

On 23 January, the day before Gil was scheduled to attend court on the matter of his tower, Kerri Tymchuk, a solicitor for the City of Winnipeg wrote to Gil's lawyer informing him that the city "will not be pursuing this prosecution." Although not clearly stated in Tymchuk's letter, Gil's lawyer suggested that the City of Winnipeg understands it does not have jurisdiction over Amateur Radio antennas.

2008 Canadian Ski Marathon (35th Anniversary)

The Canadian Ski Marathon takes place every year between Buckingham and 

This year we are looking forward to much more "normal" conditions and by that I mean snow!

The CSM depends on ham radio volunteers to provide important and timely safety and logistical communication for the benefit of the skiers. The amateur radio CSM web page http://radio.admin2.ca is up and running with 2008 information and assignments are already being filled. If you would like to volunteer this year, please email Richard VE3UNW radio1@admin2.ca. Although I can't promise anything, assignment requests are generally first-come, first-served.

This year also marks the 35th anniversary of Amateur Radio participation. I believe that makes HAM radio the oldest continuous sponsor of the Canadian Ski marathon!

Please join me the second weekend in February (9th-10th) and help make the 35th our best year yet!

(Thanks to Richard, VE3UNW)