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The International Year of Astronomy Special Prefix Callsign starts January 1st 0h UT and ends Feb 27th 23:59 UT Feb 28 2009. All Canadian Amateurs are encouraged to use it to commemorate Galileo Galilei's first look through an optical nstrument towards the heavens. The Special Prefix are VE changes to CG VA changes to CF VO changes to CH VY changes to CI The official kickoff date for IYA is January 10th and on that date many astronomy clubs across Canada and around the world will be participating in local astronomical activities. Displays at Shopping Malls, talks in Public Libraries, star parties for the public will be happening. I am also encouraging those amateur Radio operators who are affiliated with the RASC (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada) that might have local IRLP access to visit node 9005 the Vancouver Reflector on January 10th to join in the across Canada IYA Net. To find out more about this unique ham radio Special prefix and related projects visit http://www.hamiya2009.info Malcolm Scrimger, VE7DAO