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EMCOMM : Updated Spring Flood Outlook for Red River in Manitoba

March 16, 2009

TO: RAC VP Field Services - Sue Cooke VE3SUH
CC: SM Manitoba - Jan Schippers VE4JS, RAC NEC - Ken Oelke VE6AFO

FROM: Don Gerrard VE4DWG - Section Emergency Coordinator - Manitoba

Please be advised that the potential for Serious Spring
Flooding for various areas of Manitoba is mounting, and based
on the "Flood Forecast" released today by the Province's Water
Stewardship Department: It looks like its going to be "damp".

I have called a meeting with the Manitoba ARES Executive/key
DEC's next week (March 26) at Manitoba Emergency Measures to
begin the planning process - continuing on the success
experience by ARES in supporting the Province in severe
flooding that occurred in Manitoba in 1997.

It appears right now that Winnipeg its self should not be
too seriously impacted - thanks in part to a massive project to
expand the capacity of the "Floodway" system protecting the
region around Winnipeg.

The focus of the upcoming meeting will be to:

A) ensure mutual aid contingency for impacted areas - South and
North of Winnipeg - which in the past required ECOM operators
to be stations with emergency officials in evacuated flood bound

B) to ensure 24x7 operation of key Command and Control
facilities if/as required i.e. City of Winnipeg Emergency
Operations Centre (VROC) for Winnipeg's Flood Battle, and
Manitoba Emergency Measures Emergency Operations Centre (EMO)
to assist with the Provincial Response.

C) Other facilities that may require assistance in
communications support is the Amateur station at Public
Safety Canada (VE4PSC) and Manitoba Emergency Health (VE4MBH).

Further details will be forwarded to you as available.

Don Gerrard