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[ARES-Alert] Activation of ARES Radio Operators in Manitoba to support Manitoba Spring floodi March 26, 2009

Initial requests for assistance by ARES in Manitoba have been received from Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization and from the City of Winnipeg Emergency Program.

Both organizations are in the process of activating their Emergency Operations Centers and have requested ARES radio operators to begin staffing the radio room at the facilities beginning Monday March 30th, 2009.

Jeff Dovyak DEC Capitol Region advises that he is beginning the process of scheduling ARES radio operators for these current taskings.

Further requirements are likely as water levels rise, and will be communicated when received.

In particular, there may be a requirement for identifying 2 or 3 "Go Teams" comprised of two ARES operators with radios, antennas and power supplies that could be tasked to attend to a ring dike community on short notice. DEC's are asked to communicate this possible requirement with their EC's and regional membership to identify ARES members who could participate in such teams.

EC's/DEC's: Please forward potential team info by: names, call-signs and emergency contact information to the attention of the Manitoba Section Emergency Coordinator VE4DWG.

Further requests for assistance may be received as local conditions can change quickly.

All ARES Units in Manitoba should be at a state of operational readiness for flood related operations, in particular, those who are in and near water sheds that have been identified as "at risk" of flooding.

EC's / DEC are asked to communicate any local requests for assistance that they have received so we can be aware of the over-all ARES resource commitments and potential needs for mutual aid amongst ARES units across the province.

Don Gerrard VE4DWG
Section Emergency Coordinator Manitoba.