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Support Chiles Ham Radio with the Rescue of the Trapped Miners (Operacion San Lorenzo)

Support Chiles Ham Radio with the Rescue of the Trapped Miners (Operacion San Lorenzo)
IRAU - Published October 13th, 2010

En los siguientes parrafos Usted puede encontrar en Idioma Ingles, informacion sobre la colaboracion ofrecida en comunicacion por los Radio Aficionados de Chile, para el rescate de los mineros atrapados en la mina de San Jose, cerca de Copiapo, Chile.

In the following paragraphs you will find English information on the collaboration offered by Chiles Amateur Radio communications for the rescue of trapped miners in the mine of San Jose, near Copiapo, Chile.

The world in the last two months has kept the expectation, the rescue of 33 miners trapped in the mine San Jose, near Copiapo, Chile.

According to information from the Radio Club de Chile (RCCH), support of amateur radio communication has enabled the authorities with emergency equipment inside the San Jose site, also with family and authorities in the city of Copiapo, assure Jose Maldonado, President of the Radio Amateurs of the Region of Atacama. Maldonado also told them it is usually beyond their radio broadcasts no other means of communication in place.

We also told them that The group is working on site with three phones, while others are amateur radio in Copiapo, covering all needs in Senco, Samu, Fire, Police, the Administration and the Interior

We do this gladly and hope that this has a happy ending. Maldonado concluded.

In the first minutes of the day October 13, various media throughout the world, reported various manifestations of joy in the families of the miners, rescuers, and government officials in Chile who were near the area where the sirens announced theend of the rise of the Phoenix 2 Capsule carrying Florencio Avalos, the first of the thirty-three miners who are still being rescued from the San Jose mine.

Via: Cesar Pio Santos A. HR2P