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[IARU-R2-News 176] More stations to be active on WARD

On April 18, 2012 we will celebrate the World Amateur Radio Day on the 87th Anniversary of the founding of the International Amateur Radio Union, IARU.

This year's theme for the World Amateur Radio Day is "Amateur Radio Satellites: Celebrating 50 Years in Space" in remembrance the launching of OSCAR 1 on December 12, 1961 and the launch of OSCAR 2 on June 2, 1962.

For this reason there will be several special event stations from IARU's Member Societies active on different dates during April:

*6H6IARU* by the Federación Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores who has commissioned this operation to Grupo DXXE. This station will be active from 13 to 18 April in all modes and bands. QSL via LoTW and N7RO, direct or bureau. Daily logs uploads will be available in ClubLog.

*3G87IARU* by the Radio Club de Chile. This station will be active throughout the month of April. QSL via CE3AA.

*LZ1WARD* by the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs also will be active throughout the month of April. QSL via bureau.

*EL2RL* by the Liberia Radio Amateur Association will be active on April 18, 2011 on 10, 15, 17 and 20 meters. Direct QSL to EL2BA.

*HB9WARD* by Union Schweizerischer Kurzwellen-Amateure to be active also on April 18, 2011. This first time callsign will be on the air by HB9JOE and a group of radio amateurs from Bern. QSL via HB9JOE.

*HF87WARD* by members of the SP-CFF (SP0CFF). This station will be active from April, 17 to 30. QSL via eQSL.cc and WFF LogSerach. For those who want to send card direct, please send SASE to: Polish Club Flora & Fauna, Suchacz, Wielmozy 5b, 82-340 Tolkmicko, Poland. They will even have an award for this operation.

We hope to hear from more special event stations to be active on April 18. So far stations from North America, South America, Europe and Africa plan to be active, If your national society or club will be active let us know: news@iaru-r2.org


Joaquín Solana, XE1R
News Editor - IARU R2


Vernon Ikeda - VE2MBS/VE2QQ
Pointe-Claire, Québec
RAC Blog Editor/RAC E-News/Web News Bulletin Editor