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As there is some confusion about the relative benefits of the various donation methods to both the donor and to RAC, you are urged to read the following brief summary of the several ways you can support amateur radio in Canada, whether as an individual or through your amateur radio club. Donations may be made on-line to any of the following, by clicking here.

Donation to Defence of Amateur Radio Fund Trust

RAC collects donations to DARF and forwards them to DARF Trust. DARF Trust is administered by an independent Board of Trustees who invest and donate funding solely at their discretion. The fund supports the costs of attendance at the World Radio Conferences by a Canadian amateur radio delegate, which would normally be a delegate chosen by RAC. In this way RAC is an indirect beneficiary of DARF Trust activities.

As neither RAC nor DARF Trust can be registered charities under the current Canadian rules, donation to DARF does not qualify for an income tax receipt. However, such a gift is very much appreciated to help RAC with our international travel costs associated with future World Radio Conferences, and we invite you to participate. Click here for details on DARF Trust, how to donate, and the current list of donors.

Donation Direct to RAC

There are dozens of meetings with Industry Canada, Radio Advisory Board of Canada and even some international meetings with International Amateur Radio Union to establish and develop negotiating positions leading up to a World Radio Conference meeting. As well there are numerous meetings and research needs not associated with a WRC but which serve the needs of all amateurs - for example, the research and preparation of a brief on the National Antenna Tower Policy Review, the preparation of a brief to Industry Canada on the Morse code decision at WRC-03 and the preparation of an RAC response to Ontario Bill 49, to name only a few of dozens over the years.

The costs of those continuing advocacy efforts on behalf of all radio amateurs are over and above the normal overheads of RAC membership administration and the production and distribution of The Canadian Amateur magazine, and are not covered by DARF Trust donations. Though RAC is a not-for-profit membership association, because RAC cannot be a registered charity under current Canadian rules, a general donation to RAC operations does not qualify for an income tax receipt. However, such a gift is very much appreciated to help us with our increasing advocacy activities on your behalf, and we invite you to participate.

The addition of the RAC Youth Education Program has created a new avenue for Direct Donations to RAC where the donation can be further directed to the Youth Education Program. Click here for the current list of direct donors to Radio Amateurs of Canada.

Donation to support the RAC Amateur Radio Emergency Service

In trying to do all that we -- you and the RAC ARES -- wish to do, often the matter of money gets in the way. While those who are members of RAC are also paying the way for those who are not, many tangible support items are virtually impossible to provide without passing along the associated cost to ARES volunteers. We would like to change that and make such items more readily available to the ARES family.

RAC will accept financial donations, strictly to help in providing the support to which we are committed. Even an extra couple of dollars, submitted when joining or renewing membership, can be of great assistance in ensuring that the ARES thrives and continues to exist.  Corporate or other such donations would also be beneficial to strengthen and support this community resource. Clubs or ARES units might donate twenty-five or fifty cents or a dollar from each hamfest/fleamarket admission or table sale. A portion of 50/50 draws, commonly held at club meetings, could be earmarked for the ARES.

Membership forms carry a check-off box for such donations, either by mail or on-line through the RAC website. Additionally, any person or business wishing to make a donation may do so here or by telephone toll-free at 1-877-273-8304. The future of Amateur Radio depends upon the ARES and, as a Radio Amateur/ARES member, the future depends upon YOU. A list of donors to the ARES may be seen here.

As is the case with direct donations to RAC, a donation to the RAC ARES operations does not qualify for an income tax receipt. However, any donation is greatly appreciated and very important. You may also support ARES through purchase of ARES items at the RAC Store.

Donation to the RAC Foundation

Unlike the preceding three methods, donors of more than $20 to the RAC Foundation receive a receipt for income tax purposes, as the RAC Foundation funding is invested and disbursed by a registered charity, The Community Foundation of Ottawa. However, RAC does not directly benefit from such donations. In fact, RAC provides significant administration in collecting the donations from the donors, funneling them to the Community Foundation of Ottawa on behalf of the donors and helping to decide on the disbursement of the proceeds to successful grant applicants.

In that sense, RAC donates part of the fund administration so your donation can be used for worthwhile causes in Canadian amateur radio, and you can receive a tax receipt (for donations over $20). Click here for details on the RAC Foundation, the various RAC Foundation donation methods and the various types of RAC Foundation grants, as well as the current list of donors.

Thank you for your support of Amateur Radio.