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Donor Information

Please print, fill out, and mail this form to:

Radio Amateurs of Canada
720 Belfast Rd.
Ottawa, ON
K1G 0Z5

The RAC Foundation was created to provide valuable programs to serve the Canadian amateur radio community. Those served may be RAC members or not, prospective amateurs to old-timers. The RAC Foundation is administered by the Community Foundation of Ottawa (CFO)

Tax receipt requested [  ] A donor tax receipt will be issued directly to the donor by CFO upon request, for donations greater than $20.


RAC Foundation donors may choose from one or more of the following methods for making donations:

  1. Donation by cash, cheque or credit card
  2. Donation by cash, cheque or credit card "In Memory" or "In Honour" of a relative, friend or colleague.
  3. Donation of stock or mutual funds (which are receipted at fair market value on date received at CFO)
  4. Donation of amateur radio and related equipment can be accepted conditional upon their disposition at the best offer available. Any costs to RAC which are incurred in sale of the equipment are charged against the sale price and the remainder transferred to CFO. CFO will issue a tax receipt in that amount
  5. Donation in the form of money, securities or radio equipment through bequest upon death of the donor.
  6. Donation received by the RAC Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy on death of insured.

Cheques should be made payable to "RAC Foundation". Donations should be mailed or delivered to

Radio Amateurs of Canada
720 Belfast Rd.
Suite 217
Ottawa, ON
K1G 0Z5.


Donors may designate their donation to one or more of four categories associated with amateur radio:

  1. Scholastic Grants: Scholarships and bursaries for deserving young radio amateurs
  2. Research Grants: For research and development related to amateur radio
  3. Community Grants: Amateur radio equipment and amateur radio course grants for such charitable institutions as hospitals, seniors homes and youth centres
  4. Emergency Grants: Radio equipment grants for emergency radio services groups

Designate your donation by completing the following form. In the absence of designation instructions, RAC will designate the donation for the donor. Designation has no effect on the tax receipt.

Donor Designation

Please designate my/our RAC Foundation donation to the following use(s), in the percentages shown:

1. Scholastic Grants (    ) % Cheque (    )

2. Research Grants (    ) % Securities (    )

3. Community Grants (    ) % Equipment (itemized list attached) (    )

4. Emergency Grants (    ) % Bequest* (    )

Total 100% Insurance Beneficiary* (    )

I prefer to have RAC designate my donation at the discretion of the RAC Directors or their designees. (    )

The donation is: enclosed (  ) not enclosed (  ) in memory* (  ) in honour* (  ) * Please explain:

Donor Name _____________________________________________ Call Sign ____________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________________

Signed _______________________________________________ Date ___________________________

Credit Card Visa (  ) MasterCard (  ) Number ____________________________ Exp __________

Donations by credit card will have card company charges deducted. Tax receipt, for donations over $20, will show the net amount.

*RAC Foundation Simple Will Kit