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Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc was formed in 1993 through the merger of our two founding organizations - Canadian Radio Relay League and Canadian Amateur Radio Federation. Below are the key milestones in our development:

American Radio Relay League

1914 - The American Radio Relay League was formed.

1920 - The American Radio Relay League formed the ARRL Canadian Division.

1935 - ARRL developed what is now called the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), with some operations in Canada

1949 - ARRL created National Traffic System (NTS) for medium-haul and long-haul message handling, with some operations in Canada

Canadian Radio Relay League

1979 - Canadian Radio Relay League formed out of the Canadian Division of ARRL.

Canadian Amateur Radio Federation

1967 - Canadian Amateur Radio Federation was formed.

1973 - First issue of The Canadian Amateur under CARF.

Radio Amateurs of Canada

1993 - Merger of Canadian Radio Relay League with Canadian Amateur Radio Federation to form Radio Amateurs of Canada, Inc.