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The RAC Constitution provides for four classes of membership as follows:

a) Full Member
Any person residing in Canada or temporarily residing outside of Canada who (1) holds a Canadian Certificate of Proficiency in Radio qualifying him to operate an Amateur Radio Station in Canada, or (2) holds a valid reciprocal authorization for operation of an Amateur Radio Station while in Canada as defined by Canadian Regulations. A Full Member has the right to vote at all annual general meetings and special general meetings of the Corporation.

b) Associate Member
Any person, organization, corporation, company or entity residing or established in Canada or elsewhere that is interested in Amateur Radio but does not hold a Certificate of Proficiency in Radio qualifying him or the organization, corporation, company or entity to operate an amateur radio station in Canada. An Associate member shall be entitled to attend meetings of members, but shall not have the right to vote thereat or to hold any office in the Corporation.

c) Full Life Member*
Any Full Life Member shall have all the rights and privileges of a Full Member, including the right to vote.

d) Associate Life Member*
Any Associate Life Member shall have all the rights and privileges of an Associate Member.

* RAC is no longer able to offer Life Memberships. With the exception of a few who bought Life Membership from RAC since 1993, and who are not the subject of this message, all of our existing Life Memberships were "inherited" from the founding organizations at the time of merger in 1993. Unfortunately the financial liability to support those charter Life Members was not adequately funded to cover the inflation over the past ten years and projected to continue in future years. In 2002, the RAC Board of Directors appealed to the "Charter Life Members" (those whose Life Membership was purchased from either Canadian Amateur Radio Federation, or from American Radio Relay League) to consider exchanging their Life Memberships* and taking out a regular dues-paying RAC Full Membership, which would support their share of our current costs of providing membership services including RAC's overhead costs plus the costs of production and distribution of The Canadian Amateur magazine.

Many have responded to that appeal, and have received a Sustaining Charter Life Member recognition certificate, along with our relief and gratitude, (see list) while some others have made donations to RAC to help defray our current costs. We urge any remaining Charter Life Members reading this message to download another copy of the appeal letter and to print, sign and submit the Charter Life Member Program Agreement form. You will receive our sincere thanks and the certificate recognizing your generosity and responsibility at this time of increasing threats to amateur radio and to RAC's financial future.

*In the case of the ex-CRRL members, the surrender of the RAC Life Membership would not affect their ARRL Life Membership and QST subscription.