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Membership Dues
Membership TypeCanadaU.S.A.International
Library/Museum - Library/Museum$56.00$90.00$130.00
Full - Regular - paper TCA$56.00Not availableNot available
Full - Family$25.00Not availableNot available
Full - Blind$25.00Not availableNot available
Full - Maple Leaf Operator$100.00Not availableNot available
Full - Limited$38.00Not availableNot available
Full - Regular - e-TCA Only$48.00Not availableNot available
Associate - Regular - paper TCA$56.00$90.00$130.00
Associate - Family$25.00Not availableNot available
Associate - Blind$25.00Not availableNot available
Associate - Regular - e-TCA Only$48.00$48.00$48.00
Associate - Corporate$150.00$350.00$350.00
The above fees are subject to GST and/or HST

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