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Radio Amateur of the Year

It is the intent of the Board of Directors of Radio Amateurs of Canada to recognize the outstanding Canadian radio amateur of the year, each year such candidates are nominated (see nomination page).

To qualify for the title "RAC Radio Amateur of the Year", an individual should have made an outstanding contribution to amateur radio in the last year, or have contributed consistently to the welfare of amateur radio over several years. Serving Directors, Officers and Section Managers of RAC are not eligible for this award while in office, nor in respect to their term(s) of office.

Selection of the winning candidate will be by majority vote of the Board of Directors of RAC, based on the supporting documentation supplied with the nomination.

The title "RAC Radio Amateur of the Year" will be bestowed on the recipient, and a plaque will be presented at an appropriate time and place.

The 1998 through 2002 Awards are sponsored by

The Radio Amateur Educational Society of Edmonton Alberta


The "Radio Amateur of the Year" Award was created by the Canadian Radio Relay League which merged with the Canadian Amateur Radio Federation to form Radio Amateurs of Canada. No awards have yet been made since the formation of RAC in 1993 until 1998 The following is a tentative list of recipients under CRRL. We have been unsuccessful in locating the CRRL award records in the RAC archives.

2012 Scott Wood VE1QD
2011 Cezar Trifu VE3LYC
2006 John Sluymer VE3EJ
2004 Ian Procyk VE7HHS
2003 Bill Elliott VE1MR
2002 Tom Domonkos VE3FCK
2001 Charles Leggatt VE3CFL
2000 Glenn McLeod VE3GLN
1998 George Fanjoy VE3PEB
1992 Will Melhuish VE3AOY
1991 Tom Atkins VE3CDM
1988 Libby Stevens VE3IOT
1986 Ralph Cameron VE3BBM
1985 Jack Strangleman VE3GV
1984 Doug Lockhart VE7APU
1983 Bill Gillespie VE6ABC
1982 Gwen Burnett VE3AYL
1981 Bert Anderson VE4AP
1979 Fred Hammond VE3HC
1977 Noreen Nimmons VE3GOL
1976 Brit Fader VE1FQ