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The Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame recognizes deserving Canadian radio amateurs by offering the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall Of Fame Awards

The 1998 through 2002 Awards are sponsored by The Ottawa Amateur Radio Club

The Hall is administered by an independent Board of Trustees, one per province, who have the sole discretion and authority to appoint Members and Honorary Members of the Hall by majority vote. Their term of office is a maximum of three years, which may be extended. A Trustee may not be appointed to the Hall. A Member of the Hall may be appointed as a Trustee.

In each calendar year, a maximum of one Member may be appointed if living, or a maximum of two if one is deceased. Nomination or appointment for Member or Honorary Member of the Hall may be after the death of the nominee.

Members of the Hall of Fame

2014 Don Dashney VE3RM SK
2014 George Spencer VE3AGS SK
2013 Ken Pulfer VE3PU SK
"   Earle Smith VE6NM SK
2012 Bob Nash VE3KZ
2011 Jack Belrose VE2CV, VE3CVV
2009 Croft Taylor VE3CT SK
2007 Murray Ronald VE4RE
2002 Tom Atkins VE3CDM SK
1999 Dave Snydal VE4XN
1998 Allan Davies VE5AQ SK
1997 Bill Wilson VE3NR SK
1996 Fred Hammond VE3HC SK
1995 Bill Loucks VE3AR SK
1993 Noel Eaton VE3CJ SK
1992 Art Blick VE3AHU SK
1989 Doug Lockart VE7APU

Call for Nomination for Member of the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame" is shown on a separate page on this web site.

Award of Honour

No further awards will be considered or given for The Award of Honour.

The following recipients of The Award of Honour will continue to be accorded recognition and honour in the Hall.

1997 Burns Getchell VE1CL SK
1996 Ernie Savage VE7FB SK
1995 Terry Stacey Darling VE3CAB
1995 Eric Johannes Quiring VE5HG
1993 Ralph Cameron VE3BBM
1993 Oscar Hierlihy VO1DI SK
1990 Thelma Irene Woodhouse VE3CLT SK
1990 Ron Belleville VE3AUM SK
1990 LeBriton (Brit) Fader VE1FQ SK

Download CARHOF Constitution and nomination forms. Copies are available on request for a nominal handling charge from RAC HQ.

"Updated Dec. 01, 2013"