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How to Help

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) is pleased to offer opportunities for individual hams, amateur radio clubs, and corporations, to take part in this exciting program which has the potential to offer so much to young people.  It has long been accepted that Canada needs more young people to pursue careers in the areas of communications, science and technology to lead us into this new century.

How can you help?

The Individual Ham: As an active ham, you know from personal experience that Amateur Radio has been a positive influence on your career and personal life. Your life has been enriched through your involvement with Amateur Radio, and RAC has created new opportunities for you to share your knowledge and experience with the younger generation.

RAC Logo Do you have a piece of surplus radio equipment that could be used in a school station?
RAC Logo SWL receiver
RAC Logo VHF or HF transceiver
RAC Logo Power supply
RAC Logo Antenna
RAC Logo Are you able to help out with the setup of a school station?
RAC Logo Can you help with the operation of a school station?
RAC Logo Can you help with the funding of the program? A cash contribution to the RAC Youth Education Program will help to ensure the ongoing benefit of the Program.

The Amateur Radio Club: The success of the RAC Youth Education Program depends heavily on the support of local Amateur Radio clubs across the country. By adopting a school:

RAC Logo You can help in setting up and maintaining an Amateur Radio station at the school.
RAC Logo You can be a valuable resource to answer questions, explain and encourage an active interest in Amateur Radio. You can provide assistance with the safe and correct operation of equipment, and provide demonstrations.
RAC Logo You can assist the school in acquiring the necessary equipment.
RAC Logo You can help with funding. Why not make the RAC Youth Education Project a club project? What better way could there be to recruit young people into your club?

The Corporation: If your company is involved with the communications industry, or another aspect of science and technology, you stand to benefit directly from the success of the RAC Youth Education Program. The success of the program depends heavily on your involvement. Clearly, young people who have a positive school experience with technology are much more likely to pursue careers involving technology.

Here is an opportunity to hold the door open for young people so that they can experience the world of Amateur Radio:

RAC Logo Amateur Radio promotes learning across the curriculum - technology, math, science, geography, writing, reading, speaking - through integrated activities and authentic learning experiences, either individually or in a group situation.
RAC Logo Amateur Radio promotes public service through links with national and provincial disaster preparedness agencies.
RAC Logo Amateur Radio encourages students to investigate and experiment as a basis for understanding technological subjects.
RAC Logo Amateur Radio offers students a platform for long learning through an active hobby that encourages experimenting in the advancement of technology, pursuing a career in science and technology, and spreading international goodwill through friendships established over years of communicating.
RAC Logo Amateur Radio enables students with special needs to participate in learning about technology and wireless communication with the use of simple adaptive devices.
RAC Logo Amateur Radio introduces students to the various means of communication: Morse code, voice, digital techniques and even Amateur Television. Other fascinating ways of communicating include using satellites and bouncing signals off the moon.

For more information, contact:

Brian Jackson, VE6JBJ
RAC Youth Education Programme