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Newsletter 14 Photos


May 2005 (Spacewalk): Grade 6 students Jessie, Mackenzie, Kristen and Naomi display a poster of the International Space Station with the class art project that will be sent into orbit on a space walk this fall.


October 20, 2004 (Eco-Pal11): Principal Joanne Clayton (center) at the microphone exchanging greetings by amateur radio with Principal Kim McKenzie two time zones away at Chestermere Lake Middle School, in Chestermere, Alberta.


October 20, 2004 (Eco-Pal13): Grade 6 teacher Neil Carleton (VE3NCE), Principal Joanne Clayton, and grade 6 students Kristen and Jordan, at the amateur radio station in room 22 during the school-to-school amateur radio contact between R. Tait McKenzie Public School, in Almonte, Ontario, and Chestermere Lake Middle School, in Chestermere, Alberta, to launch the participation of the two schools in the national ECO-PALS Program.


November 17, 2004 (EcoPalNov17C): Grade 6 teacher Neil Carleton (VE3NCE) with grade 6 student Erin talking to grade 6 teacher Brian Jackson (VE6JBJ) and his class in Alberta.


April 11, 2005 All students on stage): The kindergarten to grade 8 students at R. Tait McKenzie who spoke by amateur radio with Dr. Egan, on Mount Everest, joined teacher Neil Carleton (VE3NCE) on stage after the contact.


March 2005 (Enviro Posters6): The environmental issues posters crated by room 22 students were on display in our municipal hall for Town Council meetings.