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CEC Programme

The CEC Badge.

The CEC Badge. See info below.

Candidates should read this information carefully. A factor of the CEC exam is the candidate's comprehension and ability to follow simple directions.

One of the primary reasons for the existence of the Amateur Radio Service is its ability to serve the public, especially through emergency communications. Radio Amateurs of Canada recognizes this fact with its commitment to its Amateur Radio Emergency Service and with several formal agreements in place with disaster and emergency-oriented agencies. But this service is only as good as the ability, dedication and knowledge of its volunteer members. (TM: Registered trade-mark. "Any and all use of the RAC AMATEUR RADIO EMERGENCY SERVICE & DESIGN trade-mark requires a written licence or permission from Radio Amateurs of Canada Incorporated.")

The RAC Emergency Coordinator's Manual is the next phase of the RAC commitment to excellence in modern emergency communications support. It is helping official RAC Field Organization appointees to acquire, develop and refine the skills needed to perform at a high standard in an emergency communications situation. (See Open Letter to All ARES ECs) But that doesn't mean it is intended for appointees only.

All Emergency Coordinators, District Emergency Coordinators and Section Emergency Coordinators, as well as all other ARES members, have the opportunity to successfully pass the certification examination which is included in the RAC Emergency Coordinator's Manual. In fact, the CEC designation should be considered as being a requirement by and for every Canadian Radio Amateur who is serious about providing public service communications, especially but not only ECs, DECs and SECs. Section Managers should also consider gaining this designation.

Eligibility: The RAC CEC designation is not dependent upon the holder being an elected or appointed official in the RAC ARES/NTS. It is not necessary to be a member of the ARES, appointed or otherwise, nor is RAC membership a requirement although it is very strongly encouraged. The designation continues in force following the end of a CEC holder's term in any RAC ARES/NTS position and cannot be taken away from or given up by a holder who has duly attained it. Once you have it, you have it forever.

Any Radio Amateur in any country may write the exam -- found at the back of the EC Manual itself -- and upon successful completion be designated a RAC Certified Emergency Coordinator (RAC CEC). Please note the CEC designation is restricted to licenced Radio Amateurs and is a stand-alone designation sharing no equivalency with any other programme or experience.

Administration (Fee Within Canada): No fee is required for RAC members. However, the non-RAC member admin fee currently is $5.00, to be included when submitting the completed exam, to cover administrative costs. It is not refundable. If we can't find your call sign in the RAC member data base, we have to assume you are not a member. That includes family memberships. Replacement certificates may be obtained for a $2 administration donation. Cheques and money orders must be made payable to Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc., marked with your call sign and the words "ARES Fund" Sorry, credit cards cannot be accepted for these purposes. Please DO NOT SEND CASH. Since the administration fee for those outside Canada will be slightly higher due to the cost of mailing certificates, candidates in other countries should .

The examination is "open book" and the candidate must refer to the listed training materials while taking the exam. All four of the source documents for successful completion of the examination are available for download from this website using the links below. All four are required in order to correctly answer the questions. NO other sources are pertinent to this exam. Such other references will not be accepted and no credit will be given for questions answered using anything other than the sources listed below.

  1. RAC Emergency Coordinator's Manual: This document includes the CEC Exam in PDF format. Please note that further instructions for candidates writing the exam appear only in the PDF file and must be read and followed. For convenience in writing and forwarding via E-mail, the exam itself may be downloaded as an MS Word file. It is also available as an HTML page. However, in both cases the spacing and formatting may be imperfect and difficult for the candidate to use and the examiner to mark. The best copy will be that in PDF format and submission by regular postal mail is strongly encouraged.
  2. ARRL Public Service Communications Manual: This document contains a wealth of information that is necessary for those Radio Amateurs engaged in emergency communications. It covers both the Canadian and U.S. ARES/NTS organizations and operations. For Canadian, wherever "ARRL" or "the League" appear, read "RAC".
  3. Standards for the Operation of Radio Stations in the Amateur Radio Service (RBR-4): This is the document that defines the major Industry Canada regulations under the Radiocommunication Act.
  4. Radiocommunication Regulations (RR): This document covers additional regulations which apply to the Amateur Radio Service in Canada.

(Note: Although the above four resources are those specifically required for the RAC CEC exam, other downloads are available at Download Documents and, while not being specific sources for the exam, will provide a more complete understanding of the ARES/NTS. Serious Amateur Radio emergency communicators will wish to read them.)

The Exam: Examination questions are of the short answer type. Throughout the examination the candidate is required to give a source reference (or references) to every answer. Such references do exist for every question and are required without exception. Include the correct source designation, as indicated in the list above, including the section, chapter and/or paragraph number. Page number is not necessary.

The question/answer sheet provided must be used, with answers CLEARLY hand-written, typed or entered using a computer. If it can't be read, it will be marked as being incorrect. Scanned attachments or other duplicates of pertinent source document pages will NOT be accepted in lieu of the candidate actually answering the question and indicating the precise source reference(s).  Candidates must stick to the resource material and not give answers related to other training, personal experiences or local protocol such as, "In Frostbite, Alberta, we do it this way...". The correct answer to the question comes from the indicated reference sources and no where else. If an incorrect reference is indicated, no marks will be given for that question. (Note: A review of the exam is being conducted with the intention of updating it where required.)

Submitting Exams: Examinations are to be submitted to the for grading. Preferred method is by postal service directly to the CFSO. Please do not send exams to RAC HQ by email.

If submitting by e-mail attachment, please do so only directly to the CFSO and DO NOT send as a jpeg or similar scan. Exams received in that form cannot be accepted. Please use a text method suitable for printing, such as MS Word, Adobe PDF, Word Perfect, etc.

Exam Marking: Minimum pass mark is 90% with no exceptions. Marks are not divulged so please don't ask. In case of a mark below 90%, the candidate may be given general suggestions of questions that should be re-visited, but specific information as to correctness of answers will not be provided. Please bear in mind that the CFSO has many other volunteer duties to perform in addition to those of the CEC programme. Candidates are asked to kindly allow a minimum of four to six weeks for grading of the exam and issue of a certificate, although usually that process is completed much sooner.

Submitted exams become the property of RAC Field Services and are not returned nor will the CFSO enter into any correspondence or discussion with anyone regarding a CEC exam or its results. Candidates should retain a copy of the completed document for their own records.

Successful candidates will receive a Certified Emergency Coordinator Certificate which recognizes their effort and knowledge of the documents on which the examination is based. In addition, successful candidates will be listed below and be entitled to add "RAC CEC" after their name/call sign when originating correspondence related to Amateur Radio; for example, "Alice Smith VE9RAC (RAC CEC)". Unsuccessful candidates will be notified and encouraged to re-write after further study, bearing in mind that this is an open book exam.

The CEC list is growing steadily and all ARES/NTS leaders are urged to consider increasing their own knowledge and setting an example by obtaining the RAC CEC designation themselves, thereby encouraging all other ARES/NTS volunteers to do the same. It is time well spent and attests to the ARES professionalism at a time when such is greatly needed.

PLEASE NOTE: If your name and call sign appear below and you are able but currently not involved directly with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (TM), you are strongly urged to volunteer your services, either locally or at the Section level. This important community resource cannot continue without a steady influx of dedicated volunteers and there is always some way each of us can help, even without the CEC designation. Your knowledge and experience are the foundation of the ARES. Have fun while doing "good"! Please contact your Section Manager, Section Emergency Coordinator or the CFSO for more information. The future of Amateur Radio depends upon the public service it provides. If you have achieved your RAC CEC designation but are not a member of RAC, why not become one now...by clicking HERE.

Holders of the RAC Certified Emergency Coordinator (CEC) Designation

NameCall SignCity/TownProvince, State or Country
Bill Kirby VO1BB St. John's NL
Joseph Earles VO1BQ Mount Pearl NL
Christopher Boyd Snow VO1CBS Carbonear NL
Douglas Mercer VO1DM Goulds NL
Daniel Zaenker VO1DZX St. John's NL
Hayward Stratton VO1EHS Gander NL
George E. Skinner VO1ES Conception Bay South NL
Eric Stapleton VA7TU Nanaimo BC
Ira Stacey VO1IRA Swift Current NL
L. Craig Tucker VO1LCT St. John's NL
Paul A. Greene VO1PX St. Johns NL
Robert Turnbull VO1RTW Mount Pearl NL
Vincent O'Keefe VO1SO Placentia NL
Terry Hollett VO1TH Gander NL
Christopher McGonigle VO1TX St. Anthony NL
Hudson C. Vallieres VE9HCV Wabush NL
Martin P. Thomas VE1AUZ Midville Branch NS
Frank W. Leslie VE1FWL New Germany NS
James Langille VE1JBL Amherst NS
Charles A. Jenkins VE1JEN New Germany NS
Francois Payeur VA2DIP Quebec City QC
Allen Hamel VA2HAL Quebec City QC
Denham Mitchell VA2HAM Saint-Bruno QC
Bernard Vaudry VE2BQV Farnham QC
Claude Boivin VE2CBW La Prairie QC
Luc Leblanc VE2DWE Sorel-Tracy QC
Carl Desharnais VE2KAZ Victoriaville QC†
James Keep VE2KHC Vaudreuil-Dorion QC
Daniel Marchand VE2MDX †Montreal QC†
Michel Desrochers VE2OCH Ste. Marthe-sur-le-lac QC
Claude Paquet VE2OCP Charny QC
Julie Hughes VE2USE Sainte-Hyacinthe QC
Gilles Dufour† VA2GGD St-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC
Michel Lachaine† VE2EXB St-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC
Misa Markovic VA3BEO Hamilton ON
Barry Robb VA3BHR Minden ON
Robert E. Titus VA3CSE North York ON
Tyler Tidman VA3DGN Ottawa ON
Douglas Johns VA3DLJ North Bay ON
N. Dale Buchanan VA3DNA Pembroke ON
Douglas Fawcett VA3FAW Ottawa ON
Gerald A. Kocha VA3GAK Brampton ON
Hank Giroux VA3GRX Kenora ON
Gong X. Xu VA3GXU Toronto ON
Harvey Dennis VA3HBD Burks Falls ON
Jim Devenny VA3HL Osgoode ON
David Duister VA3IDS Sarnia ON
Lance C. Dutchak VA3LDX Concord ON
Lloyd Gibbs VA3LJG Goulais River ON
Henry Jarzyna VA3OV Hawkesbury ON
Paul Caccamo VA3PC Callander ON
Peter W. Henry VA3PWH Oshawa ON
Jean-Paul LeBlanc VA3QN Barrie ON
Ian R. Snow† VA3QT Barrie ON
Rick Ashton VA3RGA Dryden ON
Richard Upfield VA3RMU Brampton ON
Ron Spencer VA3RSX Bolton ON
Robert G. Gammon VA3RX Windsor ON
William R. Silver VA3SPT North Bay ON
Dean S. Cassar VA3SUG Toronto ON
Terry Noble VA3VRI Hasting ON
Andrea J. Tekenos-Levy VA3YOJ Sarsfield ON
Joseph T. Scott VE3ADB Cornwall ON
R.D. (Bob) Cooke VE3BDB Orillia ON
George Badiuk VE3BIK Devlin ON
Scott D. Carter VE3CGN  London ON
William J. Nangle VE3CLQ Kingston ON
Chris Pitre VE3CTP Windsor ON
John Schreiter VE3DOS Kitchener ON
Michael L. Hughes VE3EEU Fort Frances ON
James Martin Organ VE3EMT Toronto ON
James F. King VE3ETZ Toronto ON
Frederick A. Lesnick VE3FAL South Gillies ON
Russ Hemphill VE3FI Haliburton ON
Peter Prasad VE3FJI Toronto ON
Vic Henderson VE3FOX Brampton ON
Bryon Martin VE3FUZ Chatham ON
Warren Paulson VE3FYN Atikokan ON
Gordon Hewit VE3GIH Thornhill ON
Richard Girouard VE3GIR St Thomas ON
Thomas J. Vince VE3HM Thorold ON
Donald J. Tambeau VE3HOL Schumacher ON
Robert Purvis† VE3INY Bracebridge ON
Ronald E. Chapman VE3IVC †Belleville† ON
Jeff Robbins VE3JTR Belleville ON
Ronald David Hayes VE3JX Sault Ste Marie ON
Kimberly Watson VE3KMW Paris ON
Clarence W. Angst VE3LBU Prescott ON
Michael K. Moreau VE3LKI Port McNicoll ON
James Michael Joyce VE3LTN Plantagenet ON
Brad Harris VE3MXJ Thunder Bay ON
Daniel Goodier VE3NI Mississauga ON
Robert Alan Varcoe VE3OAV Cambridge ON
Kenneth James Short VE3OKS Barrie ON
Alexander Dutkewych VE3PIG Stroud ON
Alexandra McGuire VE3PKA Oro Station ON
Justin Schmidt-Clever VE3QYR Kanata ON
Jack Hartley VE3RDQ Barrie ON
Darren Lortie VE3REK Penetanguishene ON
Patricia Barrett VE3RNH Barrie ON
Richard Murtick VE3RNM Orleans ON
Richard Tim Eaton VE3RTE Paisley ON
Robert B. McKenzie VE3SJQ Cobden ON
Ken Halcrow VE3SRS Orleans ON
Gregory Staios VE3STG Toronto ON
Sue Cooke VE3SUH Orillia ON
Jason Toms VE3TBE Brampton ON
Terrence Hillier VE3TEH St Thomas ON
Brian Lowe VE3TJE Fergus ON
Michael Brickell VE3TKI Mississauga ON
Mark Tekenos-Levy VE3TKN Sarsfield ON
Mike Larocque VE3UNJ Brockville ON
Peter K. Hodgson VE3UR Belleville ON
Paul Davidson VE3UUM Marmora ON
Norm Hagan VE3VY Westport ON
George Duffield VE3WKJ Brampton ON
Norman Bell VE3XRC Thunder Bay ON
Rod Hardman† VE3RHF Oakville ON
Paul Arsenault VE4AEY Komarno MB
Don MacKinnon VE4DJ Winnipeg MB
Gordon L. Snarr VE4GLS Morris MB
Willard J. Karle† VE4KZ Belair MB
Philip Friesen VE4PAF Elgin MB
Doug Henry VE4TG Selkirk MB
Z. Michael Zawislak VE4WZ Winnipeg MB
Valerie Lemko VE5ACJ Moose Jaw SK
Calvin Vosper VE5CAL Swift Current SK
Devon Racicot VE5DWR Saskatoon SK
Donovan Hoggan VA6DON Medicine Hat AB
Jeff Low VA6JL Red Deer AB
Ric Henderson VA6RIC Red Deer AB
Curtis J. Bidulock VE6AEW Edmonton AB
Ken Oelke VE6AFO Calgary AB
Bill Boskwick VE4BOZ Elm Creek MB
Garry Jacobs VE6CIA Red Deer AB
Dwayne Brennan VE6DEB Youngstown AB
Carl J. Gill VE6GGG Stony Plain AB
Brad Coleman VE6GHO Cochrane AB
Jose N. Talens Jr. VE6JNT Edmonton AB
Steward Munro† VE6KN Olds AB
Tony Toews VE6MVP Vermilion AB
Neil B. Ruppert VE6NBR Youngstown AB
Ivan Taverner VE6RC Fort McMurray AB
Brian Nilsson VE6RNR Grande Prairie AB
Ron Gillies VE6SJA Lloydminster AB
James Ewen VE6SRV Sherwood Park AB
Michael Mailhiot VE6MIM Red Deer AB
Drew Watson VA7DR Salt Spring Island BC
Nathan Drew Elvins VA7DRW Surrey BC
Don Ennis VA7ENN Canoe BC
Hew Lines VA7HU Sidney BC
Martin Hyde VA7HYD Maple Ridge BC
Robert A. Longmore VA7ZA Parksville BC
Michael Plant VE7AT Surrey BC
Mike Hale VE7DXD Gabriola Island BC
John MacKay VE7EEX Langley BC
Paul Giffin VE7IPM Gabriola Island BC
John Pringle VE7JZ Kelsey Bay BC
Andre Bryan VE7KSN Victoria BC
Terry Cure VE7LVD Nanaimo BC
Larry Gorman VE3LGN Waterloo ON
Bernie Roche VE3OTR Toronto ON
John Douglas Noakes VE7NI Kamloops BC
David F. Clift VE7OCQ Aldergrove BC
Patrick Cassels VE7ONE Malahat BC
Kevin Hartley VE7OVY Victoria BC
Patrick Speer VE7PJS Surrey BC
John G. Jopson VE7RO Saanich BC
Glen Tate VE7SDX Victoria BC
Barry Bogart VE7VIE Vancouver BC
Warren Nyack VE7WLN Williams Lake BC
Jim Hurrell† VE7HUR Surrey † BC
George Blandford VE8GB Yellowknife NWT
Francis C. Pitre VE9FCP Bathurst NB
Leonard Morgan VE9MY Saint John NB
Peter G. Higgins VE9PGH Saint John NB
Jean Gionet VE9ZD Big River NB
Brent Taylor VY2HF Stratford PE
Clarence H. Annett WA5SWN Shawnee Mission Kansas
Carel Oberholzer ZS3OBE North Cape South Africa
Glenham R. Duffy ZS5GD Kwazulu Natal South Africa
Robert Boyd VE3SV Kingston ON
Siegfried Lehmann VA7LEH Sechelt BC
Elsie Friesen VA7OMA Chilliwack BC
Ian Turnbull VE7TGI/VA7 Vancouver BC
T. Keith Landra VE1STN Fall River NS
Arthur G. Sanderson VA7ART Duncan BC
Pete Annyschyn VE3MOP Windsor ON
Paul Hudson VE3TA Toronto ON
Austin Wright VE3NCQ Chatham ON
David Eppert VE7EPP Delta BC
John Duffy VE3DRZ Mississauga ON
Paul Jomm VE3XPJ Milton ON
Bill Simm VE4ALW Portage La Prairie MB
Bruce McLellan VE3QB Fergus ON
Dominic Grosleau VE3DGZ Petawawa ON
Stiig Larsen VE3LBX Sudbury ON
Rendyl Godwin VO1RYL Hearts Desire NL
Matt Dean VA3MDE Barrie ON
James Cloney VE5CNB Saskatoon SK
Normand Pitre VE2NHK St-Zotique QC
William Fei Long Zhang VE7WFZ Burnaby BC
Matt Newman VA3MGN/AA1 Richmond Hill ON
Alan Viitala VA3AJV Sudbury ON
Mark Magner VE3CT New Market ON
Karl M De Winter VE6CU AB
Doug MacNabb VE1DBM River John NS
Earl Laffin VE1JDT Pictou NS
Alfred Rondelet VE1AAZ Pictou NS
Ken Long VE7JU Coltus Lake BC
Peter Gauld VE7PGX Surrey BC
Shawn McDonald VA3MFD Burlington ON
Jim Sutton VE4SIG Winnipeg MB
Rick Harrison VA3NV Burlington ON
Ken Brightling VE3ETP London ON
F Leonard Hooper VE7XLH Qualicum Beach BC
Kyle White VE9KTW St. Stephen NB
Marcia Lui VE7JT Langley BC
Ansil Rock VE3HDR London ON
Rob McGill VE4ROB Carman MB
George Davis VE3OGP Milton ON
Keith Corcoran VA1KEC Bridgewater NS
Marty Gobin VA3RJX Pickering ON
Wayne McLean VE3WWM Dundalk ON
Allan Scott VA3BVM Kingston ON
Roger Galambos VA3BXG Toronto ON

CECs who are also RAC members may now join the Emergency Coordinator Mailing List

For more info and to register, please .

All RAC CECs past, present and future, may obtain and wear the new, RAC Certified Emergency Coordinator badge, currently available for $8.50 ($10 for non-RAC members), including mailing within Canada, by cheque or money order ONLY. Please do not send cash. Mailing costs outside of Canada will be higher so please ask before ordering. Gift orders will be accepted but the name and call sign of the CEC must be provided. Cheque or money order, clearly marked as being for the "ARES Fund - CEC badge", and including your call sign, are to be made payable to Radio Amateurs of Canada and must be sent directly to the CFSO. Do not send to RAC Headquarters. Contact information for the CFSO is published on page 4 of The Canadian Amateur and appears online at http://www.rac.ca/en/rac/management/executive/. The badge, slightly larger than a Canadian (or U.S.) 25-cent coin, is constructed of red enamel on metal, with raised gold-coloured letters and RAC ARES insignia. It features a jeweller's clasp to lessen chance of loss and to prevent spinning. This prestige badge, which displays the wearer's accomplishment in achieving the designation, is available only to RAC CECs to a maximum of two (2) badges each.