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Registration Form for the RAC Regional Amateur Radio Alert Network (RARAN)

Confidential when completed. For use of the RAC Field Services only.


Please submit this form using the same e-mail address to which you wish alerts to be sent. In addition, if a call sign is part of your email address, please use the same call sign for your station. Submitting a form showing two different call signs causes confusion and may result in your address not being added.

If you wish a second e-mail address to be included, in addition to that used to submit your registration, please indicate that fact in the "Other Brief Pertinent Info" box. We will try to accommodate the request but cannot promise.

Do not submit this form on-line if you are already a registered RARAN station as it may result in duplicate entries to the reflector.

If you wish to advise of changes or additions to your information, such as email, repeater details, etc, please email .

Your Station Call Sign
Your Station QTH (Municipality)
Name(s) of Your Station Licenced Operator(s) (Not Callsigns)
QTH of Repeater(s) You Plan to Use for Alerts
In the same order, list callsign(s) of Repeater(s) You Plan to Use for Alerts
In the same order, List Freqs of Repeater(s) You Plan to Use for Alerts
E-mail Address:
Your Station 10-digit Telephone Number (Not Cellular)
Other Brief Pertinent Information
Are you a member of RAC? Yes
Are you currently a member of the RAC Field Services, e.g. ARES, NTS, OO, OB? Yes
No. But I want more information about it.