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ID Cards

The RAC ARES Photo ID cards do not replace any card that is issued within your own locality or Section. Those cards are necessary for providing proper identification and are required by the local EMO or similar agency.

In the same fashion, the card that is issued by the RAC ARES is necessary for providing proper identification for ARES members, as being accredited and authorized members of the RAC ARES and are required by the RAC Field Organization (ARES).

It both cases, it is only reasonable that every member of the RAC ARES carry whatever indentifying documentation is required by the respective organizing authority.

All members of the ARES are requested to obtain one for the sake of professional image, enhanced credibility and to prevent unauthorized persons from representing themselves as ARES members or officials.

Renewals: Each RAC ARES Photo ID card holder is responsible for advising the RAC Chief Field Services Officer of the card's pending expiry sixty (60) days prior to the expiry date. Please be sure this is done in order to avoid having an expired card. Simply submit The ARES member ID request form to the Chief Field Services Officer with the information on the card to be renewed, and a new card will be issued.

There is a small cost associated withe issue of the ARES Unit Member Photo ID Card. However, if you are a member of a local RAC ARES unit but not a RAC-appointed ARES official and do not wish to make the small administrative donation for one of the new plastic ID cards, the yellow paper ID cards will still be provided at no charge by your Emergency Coordinator.

The RAC Field Organization is pleased to provide this important means of identification to its ARES members and officials. (See sample)

The ARES member ID request form is for the use of volunteer members of the RAC Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) who do not hold RAC ARES appointments.

The ARES leader id form is for the use of appointed leaders of the RAC Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). This means Emergency Coordinators, District Emergency Coordinators and Section Emergency Coordinators, as well as elected Section Managers.

RAC Field Services is making available new plastic ARES Member Identification Cards, similar to a credit card, identifying the bearer as "a government-certified Amateur Radio operator and trained emergency communicator, volunteering personal time, skill and equipment to serve the public interest as part of a vital community resource.

This card is not intended to replace or supersede any requirement for an ID card issued by local municipal or emergency authorities. It simply identifies the bearer as an accredited member of the RAC ARES who possesses certain qualifications for public service communications in time of disaster. This two-sided card should enhance the credibility of the bearer and of the ARES as trained and efficient providers of emergency communications as a public service.

To satisfy the assertion that the ID card's bearer is a "trained emergency communicator", it is expected that every ARES member receiving the card, whether appointed or not, will have had some sort of ARES-related training such as that provided, for example, during local ARES meetings, exercises, local public activities where communications were provided, ARRL courses, related government courses, related military courses, employment experience or by participating in simulated emergency tests (SETs), to name some.

If that is not the case for any member requesting an ID card and he/she has received no training whatsoever, completion of the RAC Certified Emergency Coordinator open-book exam will satisfy this expectation and can be accomplished at home with relative ease. See CEC Designation. In fact, that's a designation every ARES member should wish to achieve and have indicated after his/her name and call sign.

Other training is available and frequent local training exercises, lectures, public service communications activities and SETs are encouraged because they all present opportunities to gain knowledge.

A request for and acceptance of the ID card indicates a renewed commitment by the requestor/bearer to volunteer "personal time, skill and equipment to serve the public interest as part of a vital community resource", a claim that must not be made lightly.

Because there are hundreds of RAC ARES members across the country, it is not financially feasible for RAC to provide them all with the new plastic ID card. For this reason there is an administrative donation requested to help offset the costs associated with production and provision of the cards.

There is no cost to individual ARES officials for this initial issue and it is anticipated that if a fee is necessary in future it will be very minimal. Replacement of lost cards or re-issue because of a change in personal information or incorrect information being submitted on the form below will incur an administrative fee.

In recognition of their support to the parent organization, the donation for RAC members is $4. For non-RAC members, it is $5. That amount is to be sent directly to the Chief Field Services Officer by cheque or money order payable to Radio Amateurs of Canada. Sorry, credit cards cannot be used for this purpose. Please mark it with "ARES Fund" and your call sign. If you are ordering lanyards or clip-on holders, please enclose a note explaining exactly what you want. please do not send cash.

The administration donation is for initial issue only. However, in the event the card requires replacement for reasons beyond RAC's control, including loss, change of personal information or wear and tear, a $5 administration fee will apply in all cases. It is anticipated that the card will not require wear and tear replacement for at least four years.

Please note that a change in cost to RAC to produce and provide the cards could result in a change in the administrative fee.

ARES members who do not wish to have one of the new RAC ARES Photo ID cards will still have the option of obtaining one of the existing yellow paper cards from their respective EC at no cost to them.

However, it is expected that every RAC ARES official and member will obtain and carry RAC-issued documentation, i.e., an identification card, attesting to the fact he/she is an accredited and trained member of the RAC ARES.

Lanyards and clip-on ID card holders are available for a small donation to the ARES fund and are very useful. Strap clips, which slide through the slit in the ID card, snap shut and clip directly to clothing, while lanyards clip securely on to the ID card and go around the wearer's neck. They are available as follows, including shipping. See photo.

Short plastic strap clip - $1.25

Break-free lanyard - $2.00 (Connector comes apart when sufficient pulling force is applied, for safety and convenience.)

For lanyards and clip-on holders, please order directly from the Chief Field services Officer and make cheques payable to RAC. Mark your cheque memo area "ARES Fund" and include your call sign. Bulk orders are accepted -- contact the Chief Field Services Officer to arrange. Sorry, credit cards may not be used for these items. Do not send cash through the mail.

All ARES ID cards remain the property of RAC and must be surrendered upon demand.

In order to have a card issued, an ARES member must provide all information requested and supply a recent "face on" head and shoulders photo in electronic (digital) jpeg format attached to the ARES ID Request form. At the same time the form is sent, please mail the required administrative donation to RAC HQ.

For a photo, colour is preferred. It must be clear and in focus and showing your face without obstructions. Please read and precisely follow the photo guidelines found here to ensure your photo is not rejected. No card can be issued without a suitable photo being submitted in digital form at the same time as this form is submitted. Likewise, the applicable donation must be in the mail the same day.

Please do not mail photos to the Chief Field Services Officer. He/She simply does not have the time to scan and size them.

No more than one card will be issued per person at a time and, in cases where an official holds more than one appointed RAC position (a situation which is to be avoided wherever possible), only the higher position held may receive an ID card. The card can not be produced until the applicable donation is received.

ARES member ID request form

ARES appointee ID request form