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Photo Tips

The company producing the RAC ARES ID cards for us has provided this information to assist in having your photo embedded into your ID card.  Please follow the following steps precisely to avoid delay and having to re-submit your photo.


  1. Set the resolution of the camera to low. The ideal photo size for use via e-mail is 640 x 480.
  2. Turn off time and date so they will not show up in the picture.
  3. Place the camera 6 to 7 feet from the subject. Do not try to get in too close. The picture will be cropped when the ID card is made. Too far back and the picture will be small and could be distorted when the ID card is made. Always use a flash. Pictures taken under fluorescent light will have an undesirable green tint to them.
  4. If multiple pictures are made on the camera at one sitting, record the number that appears in the picture display window on the back next to the name of the individual. For example: “Joan Smith #024”.
  5. When taking the picture take it in Landscape mode, not vertical or Portrait style.
  6. When taking a picture of a subject who is wearing glasses, flash glare may be avoided by raising the camera slightly and shooting downward. If this does not solve the problem have the subject lower his/her chin slightly or slightly lower the glasses on the nose.
  7. When sending pictures by e-mail send them in small groups. Most Internet servers will bump the e-mail if the file is too large.

Photos are to be sent as e-mail attachments to the The VPFS will then do a preliminary check and, if the photo appears usable, will forward it with the completed information form to the ID card company. Both the form and the photo are required.