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New Units

The "Proposed New RAC ARES Unit" information form. is to be used when an Amateur Radio club wishes to start a new Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) unit in an area where one does not currently exist. No proposal for a new ARES unit can be acted upon when it conflicts with an existing, recognized RAC ARES group. If in doubt, please consult your Section Manager or Section Emergency Coordinator.

Before submitting the form, you should read the Public Service Communications Manual (PSCM), shared by RAC with the ARRL. It provides detailed information on the what, how, why, where, when and who of ARES. ARES groups must be conversant with this information.

In addition, the RAC Emergency Coordinator's Manual contains information concerning the duties of an Emergency Coordinator (EC) and is vital to the successful operation of an ARES unit. Please note that ECs must be full members of RAC. This is only reasonable because the EC acts as the sole appointed RAC ARES representative in his or her locality. Others, who act as volunteer ARES members under the EC's authority, are not required to be members although RAC membership is strongly encouraged.

More information about the Field Services, including the ARES, can be found on the RAC website at RAC Field Organization and RAC ARES. It is imperative that anyone wishing to start an ARES group become familiar with the contents of these pages.

The ARES is administered by RAC's Field Services (FS) Organization. Each of the eight Canadian FS Sections has a Section Manager (SM) and a Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) both of whom must be RAC members. The SM is elected by RAC members in his/her Section, while the SEC is appointed by the SM. ECs are appointed by the SEC under authority of the SM.

Upon submission the completed form will be forwarded to the appropriate SEC or SM who will reply directly to you.

If you simply wish to register as a volunteer member of an existing ARES group rather than start a new unit, please complete the National Registration Form. Those wishing to start a new ARES unit should refer their volunteer members to that form in order to collect necessary data. Please do not use an email address of "callsign@rac.ca".

Should you require further information, please contact your Section Manager.

Proposed New RAC Ares Unit information form