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The RAC Report

The RAC Report is a supplement to The Canadian Amateur [TCA] and another benefit of membership to the Radio Amateurs of Canada. It will be published electronically in the months between the publishing dates of our flagship publication "The Canadian Amateur".

The RAC Report moved from concept to reality in an admirably short time.  The publishing deadlines for TCA required us to include in the January President's Message what was, at the time, the most up-to-date information about how the RAC Report would be distributed to members.

In considering the possibilities it was determined that we could send the report to all of our members where we have email addresses and permit them to decide if they do not wish to receive further Reports.  We will shortly be adding the ability to choose whether to receive the RAC Report in English or French or whether to receive both or neither version.  The RAC Report will also be available in the member section of the RAC website.

Members are invited to update their member information by providing their email address to RAC by updating their member information on the website or contacting the office by email at . This will ensure that you will receive "The RAC Report: A TCA Supplement".

Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW