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RAC MF-HF Band Plan

This document replaces all previous band plans and change proposals.

How the RAC HF Band Plan was developed

The HF Band Plan is a voluntary, gentleman's agreement, intended for the guidance of and observation by Canadian Radio Amateurs. Without these guidelines chaos would set in. The main mode of enforcement is peer pressure.

Industry Canada as a government department regulates the amateur radio spectrum. They regulate the frequencies and the bandwidth, but not the modes of operation within the amateur spectrum. A Band Plan (even though it is voluntary) is necessary for the guidance of the users.

The Canadian HF Band Plan was formulated by a committee of Radio Amateurs representative of a cross section of each geographical district. After a consensus was reached by the committee, the HF Band Plan was submitted to the Board of Directors of Radio Amateurs of Canada for approval.

The Plan was approved on July 22, 2008.

The HF Band Plan reflects the interests of Canadian Radio Amateurs, while taking into account the regional and international concerns of the International Amateur Radio Union. The plan addresses the needs of Canadian Radio Amateurs for a workable HF Band Plan.

If you wish to read about some of the USA and International proposals for the Amateur Bands, some of the details are available in the reports which you can find at the links below.

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